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Feedback, Complaints and Compliments

​​​​​​​​young man erecting a fence​If you've got something to say then tell us! It may be a complaint, praise or suggestion . . . whatever you'd like to tell us, this is the page to do it.  We really do value our customer's opinions and suggestions. We want you to be satisfied with our services and we would like you to tell us if we are succeeding or if there are areas in which we can improve.  

To make a complaint, give​ praise or make suggestion, you can contact us in a variety of ways:

If you make a suggestion that improves the service we provide you could win £50 - find out more information on our Customer Suggestion Scheme page.     

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The Torus Complaints and Compliments Policy (July 2017) contains information you may need in regards; making a complaint, complaints procedure, petitions, leaseholder complaints, rent assessment committees, residential property tribunals, unreasonable complaints, responding to complaints, compensation and learning from complaints.  We are committed to providing a high standard of service.  We use your valid complaints to make service improvements, you can see how we are doing on our Complaints Performance: 

Quarterly Complaints Performance: 

April - June (Q1) 2016/17
July - Sept (Q2) 2016/17
Oct - Dec (Q3) 2016/17

GGHT always aim to provide high levels of customer service.  It has become clear that in order for GGHT to maintain these high levels of customer service, a policy was needed to help in doing this. The Torus Excessive Use and Unreasonable Behaviour Policy has been developed to manage a small minority of customers who take up an excessive amount of GGHT staff time to the detriment of other customers and/or who’s behaviour is deemed unreasonable.  


​If you feel that your complaint has not been resolved following stage 3 of our complaints process you are able to contact the Housing Ombudsman. GGHT is a member of the Housing Ombudsman scheme.  The Housing Ombudsman will only consider complaints from certain people, these include:

  • Person who is or has been in a landlord/tenant relationship with a member. This includes people who have a lease, tenancy, licence to occupy, service agreement, or other arrangement to occupy premises owned or managed by a member (if the complaint is made by an ex-occupier they must have had a legal relationship with the member at the time that the matter complained of arose).
  • An applicant for a property owned or managed by a member.
  • A representative of any of the people above who is authorised by them to make a complaint on their behalf.
  • A representative of any of the people above who does not have the capacity to authorise a representative to act on their behalf. The Ombudsman must be satisfied that the representative has the legitimate authority to act on the person’s behalf.
  • A person with the legal capacity to make a complaint on behalf of any of the people above who is deceased.
  • Designated Persons.

There are time limits on when you can take your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman.  For more information please see the Housing Ombudsman website.   

The Housing Ombudsman are also explicit on the types of complaint they will consider.  Click here for more information about the Housing Ombudsman Scheme (pdf).  Or alternatively take a look at the Housing Ombudsman website.

Housing Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
Harbour Exchange Square
London E14 9GE
Phone: 0300 111 3000 (lines are open Monday to Friday from 9.15am-5.15pm)