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Digital Champions: 1-2-1 Mentoring

​​​​cheery young woman helping a smiling older ladyto use a laptop computerAre the wonders of the web a mystery to you? Do you have a friend or relative who doesn’t know one end of a keyboard from another? 

Then you need the Warrington Digital Champions!

Who are the Warrington Digital Champions?

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​The digital champions are a group of skilled volunteers who help others get started online by sharing their basic knowledge of the internet.

How can they help?

  • The Digital Champions have been fully trained to help you with all your online needs.
  • However small your query, whether you need help with buying groceries online, or getting in touch with relatives through social media, the Digital Champions can help!
  • They will share their knowledge and enthusiasm to help you manage life’s admin online, such as filling out forms and job applications through the web.
  • They are available to support you in your local community, whether that is in a library, community centre or even your own home.

How can I find my perfect Warrington Digital Champion?

The Warrington Digital Champions are managed by Warrington Voluntary Action. To request their help simply contact them at or call 01925 246880​.

The Warrington Digital Champions are brought to you in partnership between GGHT, Warrington Borough Council and Warrington Voluntary Action.