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Confused about Universal Credit?

You need the UC Support Team

From the 22 February Warrington became ‘Full (Digital) Service’.  This means that if a change in your circumstances mean you need to make a claim for any type of benefits which are being replaced by Universal Credit - you will need to make a claim for Universal Credit instead.

All Universal Credit claims after 22 Feb 2017 will also have to be done completely online.  All claimants will need to create an online UC account, which will be used to manage the claim, keep in contact with work coaches and evidence work searches.  

Anyone who is already on UC will be receive an invitation from the DWP to move over to the new system.  The changes are happening across the country – Warrington is one of the first areas to see these Government changes.

With so many changes to benefits, it's understandable if you're a bit confused. But our dedicated UC Support Team is here to help.

Our specialist UC advisors are available every step of the way. From making your claim and managing your money to helping you find jobs or training opportunities. 

If you need help, they're the people to talk to. 

Our UC experts are here to help

. Making a claim
It’s all done online but we can help you sort it in a few simple clicks

2. Managing your money
You’ll be surprised at how we can maximise your monthly benefits and help prioritise your bills

3. Finding a job
We can help you meet your Claimant Commitment and get back into work

Get in touch, simply email or call 01925 452452.

Accordion Description
Universal Credit has been designed to replace 6 existing benefits: Housing Benefit, Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit.

On Universal Credit you’ll be paid one lump sum, every month, directly into your bank account.
With Universal Credit housing benefit is paid to you and not us. 

That means that you’re responsible for paying your rent monthly or weekly. That’s a big change. Many customers have found that making a Standing Order to pay their rent helps them budget better. Our UC Support Team can help there too.

So how exactly can we help?
Unlike other benefits Universal Credit claims are made online. That’s another really big difference. Here are a few things you’ll need to make a claim:
  1. Internet access
  2. An email address
  3. A bank account (to receive your payments)
  4. Proof of Identity – something with a photo like a passport or driving licence
  5. A recent rent statement 
If you need help using the internet, opening a bank account or just making a claim, our UC Support Team is here to help. Email or call 01925 452452.

If you are a GGHT tenant you can use UC Full Digital Application Step by Step Guide.
Getting a lump sum, once a month might sound great but it means you’ll need to prioritise important bills, like your rent, and pay those first. 

The money advice experts in our UC Support Team have helped lots of customers plan their outgoings, set up Standing Orders for rent and maximise their money.  If at any time you’re struggling to pay your rent, please get in touch.

For more help managing your UC payment use the Money Advice Service Money Manager - where you can get practical support and advice which is right for you, including; tracking your spending, keeping on top of bills and staying out of debt.

Universal Credit is designed to make you ready for work. That’s why you’re paid each month, like a salary. It’s also why you need to make a Claimant Commitment. This includes demonstrating that you’re looking for work, going to Job Clubs or attending interviews. 

If you don’t meet your Claimant Commitment, your benefit can be cut or even stopped.

Our UC Support Team has employment specialists with access to jobs and training opportunities throughout Warrington. No one works harder to help you meet your commitment, find a job and boost your income. 

To contact the UC Support Team email or call 01925 452452.
​Find out more about Universal Credit including Frequently Asked Questions here.