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Direct Debits and Bank Accounts

direct debit logoDirect Debits

Paying by Direct Debit is cost-effective and convenient. It also means that you:
  • don’t have to remember to pay your rent
  • don’t have to queue to pay your rent 
  • are always up-to-date with your rent
  • are protected by the direct debit guarantee.

Setting up a Direct Debit...
Simply call us to complete your Direct Debit mandate over the telephone or you can also download a Direct Debit form here​The completed form should be sent to us at Bank Park House​.   

Contact us if you need any help filling in the form.

Why not think about paying a little extra...
Build up a 'rent buffer' by paying slightly more each payment. Build up a reserve for a rainy day - it could be as simple as rounding your payments up to the nearest pound!

Pay your rent by Direct Debit and receive bonuses...
  • You will receive a further £5 from United Utilities for every year you continue to pay by Direct Debit.
  • There is a choice of 6 payment dates if you want to pay monthly, or you can pay fortnightly on set Fridays​. The choice is yours.

Set up a Bank Account with GGHT​

In order to set up Direct Debits, you need a Bank Account. We work with tenants who don’t currently have bank accounts to help them set one up, so let us help you to set up your own acccount​. There are many advantages of having an account:

A VISA Debit Card
  • Free cash withdrawals at cash machines – no need to queue at the Post Office
  • Safety – no need to carry large amounts of cash around with you
  • Online Shopping – saving money by getting better deal.s

Direct Debits
  • Convenience – bills are automatically paid on specified date
  • Budgets can be created quickly, and you can keep track of your payments easily
  • You can make savings, for example you can get a dual fuel discount of up to £100 annually if you pay your energy bills by monthly Direct Debit
  • You will have less chance of missing payments, so you can avoid late payment charges.

Improving Credit Score/Rating...
A current account with a bank helps you improve your credit rating, which can give you access to more affordable credit in the future. ​Once you have successfully set up the account, we will credit it with £10.

If you don’t have a Bank account and would like more information and support in accessing one, please contact our Welfare Reform Team.