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Swapping Your Home


A mutual exchange is where two or more tenants agree to swap homes. It is not a move into an empty property. All our assured tenants have a right to exchange as long as all organisations approve.​

GGHT use the national HomeSwapper scheme. Membership is free for GGHT tenants. HomeSwapper automatically matches every advertised property against your requirements and will alert you by email or text message when a potential swap is found. The quickest way to register is by visiting​.

Please note that HomeSwapper is not run by GGHT, here are the rules about swapping homes:
  • You must get the consent of your landlord (GGHT)
  • You must not owe any rent (be in any arrears)
  • Your home and garden must be in good condition. Unauthorised alterations or damage will need to be remedied prior to approval.
  • You must not give or accept any money to make the exchange go through
  • Your tenancy should not have a Notice of Seeking Possession, or a Court Order for Possession on it
  • If the home you want to exchange is designated for a person with special needs (e.g. disabled or elderly persons flat) and neither you nor any household member has such needs, the exchange would not be allowed. 
What do I do and what happens when I find someone to exchange with?
  • You and the person you want to exchange with should arrange to view each other's homes and if you both agree complete an Exchange Application form.
  • Hand the form into your Neighbourhood Officer, at Bank Park House or post.
  • Your Neighbourhood Officer will visit both of you (if appropriate) and inspect your home.
  • We (GGHT) will let you know, in writing, within 6 weeks, if the exchange can go ahead or not
  • Do not move without formal approval (you will probably have to move back).
  • If approval is granted you will be asked to sign an assignment form for the house you are moving into.
  • You can them move into your new home.
  • It will be up to you to make removal arrangements, including notifying gas, electricity, telephone suppliers, etc.​

HomeSwapper tips for a successful swap

90% of successful swaps in 2016 had at least one photo of the home.  If you’re serious about swapping, add a photo.  It shows you’re keen and it helps screen out people who won’t be interested – find out how to take the perfect picture and add a photo here.

You can also read the HomeSwappers top ten tips for a successful swap.