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CHOOSEaHOME - Choice Based Lettings

chooseahome logoCHOOSEaHOME is the choice based lettings system that GGHT and most housing associations in the Warrington area use to let their homes.

CHOOSEaHOME lets you bid for a home of your choice instead of waiting for an offer that someone else thinks is suitable.  The allocation is based on your band and suitability to the property you bid for.   ​​

GGHT has around 8,600 properties throughout the Warrington Area. The homes mainly comprise of traditionally built houses, flats and bungalows. We also have a high rise block​ and three Extra Care sheltered housing schemes run by Catalyst Choices.  

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​You can register on-line at, if you have not got a computer then click here to find out where you can access computers in Warrington​​.  We need a National Insurance number from everyone who applies for housing. We may also request references from other landlords or agencies or the regiment you have just left.  If your bid is successful, you will need to ensure that you bring one weeks gross rent with you to the sign-up in addition to your water charges.​

Occasionally we will not allow a person to go on the CHOOSEaHOME register. If you disagree with our decision, you have the right for this to be reviewed. A leaflet is available online telling you what to do to ask for a review.​


​Once you have completed and submitted your application you will be given your application number and password.  Please make a note of this information. 

CHOOSEaHOME will assess your application and send a message via your message board on your application, to advise of the verification documents required to progress your application.  Please note until this stage has been completed your application will not be made live, therefore you will not be able to bid on advertised properties.


​​This depends on which band you have been placed into and how flexible you are. It is important to realise that the more areas and properties you are prepared to consider, the greater your chances are of being housed.​


​Please ensure that your application is up to date as failure to do so could result in your application being suspended and any offer of accommodation could be withdrawn.  You must inform us of any changes to your finances or employment status by updating the relevant section on your application.


​Yes, but only if the problem is made worse by where you are living now. We will assess this separately and award extra priority if appropriate.​


​​​We advertise all homes for letting every Thursday on the CHOOSEaHOME website​ (if you are registered).  We also advertise for other Housing Associations in the borough of Warrington.

We also have a number of properties that are immediately available, find out more about properties available now here​​.  The details of each home will show who can bid for them. ​


​​​If you want to express an interest in (bid) one of our available homes, this is called bidding. You can bid online at

​If you prefer, you can ask someone else to bid for you. There is more information on how to bid on​

If you are an assisted applicant please contact 01925 452452.

​When bids have closed, we will check that the person with the highest priority has provided all the correct information on their application.​


​If you are  the successful bidder, CHOOSEaHOME will contact you by phone and by your message board to make an offer.  Please ensure your contact details are up to date.​

If your bid for a GGHT property  is successful, you will need to ensure that you bring one weeks gross rent with you to the sign-up in addition to your water charges.

Any nominations will be forwarded to the relevant housing association so that it can be progressed.

We will invite you to view the property with a member of staff. Viewing will be done when the property is ready to let. You will be required to pay one weeks gross rent in advance, in addition to your water charges.  

The best way to pay your rent and other charges is by Direct D​ebit​.


​You can request at review if:

  • We have excluded you from the CHOOSEaHOME register because of anti-social behaviour, debts or have 
  • failed to declare some information.
  • We have cancelled your CHOOSEaHOME application because you have not given us supporting information
  • You disagree with the priority band we have put you in or you disagree with a decision we’ve made on social or medical priority.
Find out more in our Right to Review leaflet.​