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Anti-Social Behaviour and Victim Support

​​​​​​​man with his head in his handsAnti-Social Behaviour, Hate Crime and Domestic Violence 

We are committed to working with residents and local communities to tackle issues of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and neighbour nuisance.  ​

We recognise that disputes with neighbours and issues of anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood can impact the quality of life for residents. It is our aim to assist customers to resolve these issues quickly and fairly. ​This section covers:
  • Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)
  • Domestic Abuse
  • ​Hate Crime 
  • Mate Crime​

Accordion Description

​​There are a number of definitions of anti-social behaviour but essentially it is behaviour or actions by an individual or group which makes another person or group feel harassed, alarmed, threatened or distressed. ​


​Domestic abuse is all incidents of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, sexual, emotional or financial) between adults, including family members, no matter what their sex or sexuality. 

If you are living in fear or experiencing any of the above from a partner, ex partner or family member this is domestic abuse.  If you feel you are suffering this type of abuse then speak to us we can help.​


​We are a third party reporting centre, working in partnership with Cheshire Police. You can report incidents direct to us which will automatically be shared with Cheshire Police.  Hate crime is any offence committed against a person or property which is motivated by the offenders bias against:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity or nationality
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexuality
  • Gender or transgender
  • Disability
  • Health or mental health
  • Age.

Incidents classed as a hate crime are:

  • Verbal Abuse
  • Harassment or threats
  • Physical assault of any kind
  • Damage to home or property
  • Bullying
  • Graffiti and vandalism
  • Any other form of intimidation not listed above.
Find out more in our Hate Crime, Harrassment and Discrimination Policy (pdf).​
Some vulnerable people have so called ‘friends’ who go on to abuse them by exploiting them financially, physically or sexually.  

This is known as mate crime.  

Examples range from perpetrators routinely going to a victim’s house and clearing their cupboards of food and alcohol before leaving them to clear up the mess, to instances of people being persuaded to part with their money and benefits.  Woman can be sexually exploited by men who claim to be their boyfriend.​

Find out more on this easy ready booklet​.

All reports will be taken in confidence.  You will be contacted within one working day by a member of our staff to discuss the incident(s).  Incidents of hate crime are criminal behaviour therefore we encourage you to report incidents to the police.  We can then work with the police to prevent future incidents to support you and make sure the right action is taken against those responsible.​


​With your permission the Police will:

  • Record the incident.
  • Investigate the incident and if a criminal offence has been committed they will prosecute the offenders when possible.
  • The Police may, with your permission, inform another agency that can assist or support you.
  • At every stage you will be consulted as to how you wish to proceed.

​By reporting an incident confidentially to an independent Hate Crime reporting centre, the details of your case - with your agreement - will be shared with local agencies such as Cheshire Police and Warrington Borough Council.

By sharing information, a range of actions will take place to identify and deal with the perpetrator and to support the person subjected to it or witnesses.  These actions may include:

  • extra home security for victims
  • extra CCTV to identify perpetrators and capture evidence
  • tenancy enforcement of perpetrators
  • police investigation to collate evidence
  • advice and information for victims
  • support for victims through any criminal prosecution
  • rapid removal of offensive graffiti
  • collation of photographic evidence of hate crime.​

​​If you are affected by ASB, Domestic Abuse, Hate Crime or Mate Crime, or you have witnessed someone else being affected by this can be reported in the following ways:

If you or any other member of your community are in immediate danger please call 999. 

If the incident is of a criminal nature. You should continue to report crimes to Cheshire Police as well as us.​


​​If you make a complaint of ASB to us, we will ask you if you have discussed the problem with the alleged perpetrator. Making someone aware of how their behaviour is affecting you, in a calm and reasonable way, can often sort out the problem quickly.

What happens next?
You will be contacted by one of our Officers.  The speed of response depends upon the type of incident you are reporting. Incidents which involve violence or assault, domestic abuse, hate crime or actual damage to property are dealt with urgently, and an officer will attempt to make contact with you within 24 hours. Other types of incidents are responded to within five working days.

When the Officer contacts you, they will ask you questions about the incident, and the events leading up to it. They will ask you some specific questions in order to carry out a risk assessment so that they can identify any urgent action which needs to be taken. You should therefore try to answer these questions honestly and openly.

Once this has been done, an action plan will be agreed with you. A copy of this will be provided to you for your records. This plan will be an agreement between you and your named officer as to how the initial investigation will be carried out, and what both you and the officer can do to alleviate the problem. Your officer will also agree with you how often you will be contacted, and by what means.


Our Officers will always keep your details confidential unless you agree otherwise. If your complaint is about a direct neighbour, sometimes, it will be obvious to the neighbour who has complained. This is something you need to be aware of, and decide whether you are happy for us to take your complaint forward.


​Please note; we use interpretation services for customers whose first language is not English or who communicate using British Sign Language. Please request this service when contacting us and we will organise an interpreter.​​​