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We have restructured our Neighbourhoods team,

so they can worker closer with you!

Who are the team and what do they do?

We have 14 neighbourhood patches, each with its own Neighbourhood Officer managing approximately 620 GGHT homes. The team offer a broad range of services for tenants going beyond the role of a conventional Housing Officer, and deal with:
  • Issues from Anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • Untidy gardens, land issues & trees
  • Liaising with Tenants in regards the improvement works on homes
  • Offering support to those affected by the benefit changes, in particular Universal Credit
  • Property viewing and new tenant sign ups
  • Dealing with tenancy and estate management

The 14 Neighbourhood Officers are split into 2 teams of 7.  Each team will be managed by a Neighbourhood Manager with support from a Senior Neighbourhood Officer.

Check out the team and find out the areas they cover.​


We want to work closely with our customers, including those affected by the benefit changes.  The changes meant we had to roll out of a series of plans to change the way we delivered our services.  The new approach will allow our staff to work closer with you and build stronger relationships.  We will be able to get a better idea of your circumstances and use this information to help tackle issues linked to health, financial difficulties, unemployment and digital exclusion.

A new way of working…

The NOs are use the latest digital technology, allowing them to spend more time in their specific patch, providing a visible presence to tenants and members of the community. It also allows them to spend more time supporting and safeguarding our most vulnerable tenants and their families, helping them make an even bigger difference to their lives.

The team operate fully paperless, using iPads. The software was configured to automate GGHT’s existing service forms to provide a quick and structured method of collecting information. Neighbourhood Officers are now able to provide several services in one visit to a tenant’s home. This may include taking card payments, accessing tenants details, organising repairs and immediately being able to update central records, all direct from their iPad.

Getting in Contact…

Find out which NO covers your area here​.  You can contact your NO on email or via GGD on 01925 452452.