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Repairs Responsibility

​We will carry out the majority of any repairs caused by fair wear and tear to your home. However, the day-to-day upkeep of your home is your responsibility. 

Your tenancy agreement outlines some of the tasks we expect you to take responsibility for. Generally these are small maintenance and repairs jobs you should be able to carry out to keep your home in good working order.

Item/Repair​Your Responsibility
​Equipment, fixtures or fittings belonging to you​Yes
​Light bulbs, electric plugs, fuses, fluorescent tubes and starter motors (except those in communal areas)Yes
​Electric fires: light bulb replacementsYes
​​Minor plaster defects that can be made good with a DIY filler​Yes
​Damage caused by you, your family or visitors to your home​Yes
​Boundary dividing walls, fences and hedging (except those provided by GGHT)Yes
​Any repairs due to misuse or damage to fixtures and fittings not caused by normal wear and tear​Yes
​Washing linesYes
​Garden maintenance including paths and patios installed by you​Yes
Door furniture provided or fitted by youYes
Additional keys, locks, bolts, handles and latches, including where existing keys are lost or stolenYes
​Smoke alarms - disposable batteries testing and replacement​Yes
​Outbuildings, sheds, garages, greenhouses other than those provided by GGHTYes
​Baths, sinks and w.c.​ waste pipe and gully cleaning where blockages result from neglect or carelessness by your, members of your household or visitors.​Yes
​Ensuring that your own fitting (such as cookers) are installed correctly and meet current safety standards​Yes
​Easing and adjusting internal doorsYes
​Condensation problems - click here for information on protecting your home from condensation and related problemsYes

If you would like us to carry out repairs that are your responsibility, this can be arranged. However, we will charge you for this. 

We ensure that all of our homes have building insurance to protect them from major issues but it is up to you to pay for your own home contents insurance and to insure your own personal belongings.