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Responding to Repairs: Categories & Timescales

​​​​​gght operative smiling in a bathroom holding a sealant gunWhen you contact us to report a repair, your repair request will typically fall into one of the following categories.

Emergency Repairs – these are faults that could seriously damage your health or the property and are dealt with within 4 hours. In an emergency you should call 01925 452452.

Non-Emergency Repairs - for all non-emergency jobs we will offer an appointment within 15 working days. 

Planned Improvements - if several properties have a similar non-urgent problem, we’ll carry out the repair as part of a planned home improvements programme. 

Rechargeable Repairsa rechargeable repair is something that is the tenants responsibility but they have requested GGHT to carry out.​

Visit the Your Repairs Responsibilities page to find out what repairs you are responsible for.

Find out more about Emergency Repairs, Non-Emergency Repairs,  Planned Repairs and Rechargeable Repairs​ below.  

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​If there is a repairs emergency it is important you call us immediately to report the problem.  You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on 01925 452452.

The table below outlines what we class as an Emergency Repair and how quickly we will respond to it:

​What's covered?​Response Time
​Uncontrollable leaks or bursts​​4 hours
​Blocked drains resulting in the presence of foul waste​4 hours
​Total Loss of lighting or power on the ground of first floor​4 hours
​Immediate risk of structural collapse​4 hours
​Unsecure doors or windows​4 hours
​Repairs of toilets and cisterns resulting in the presence of foul waste (if only one toilet available)​4 hours
​Leaking or unsecure gas appliance​4 hours
​Faulty smoke or CO2 alarms (constantly ringing)​4 hours
​Loss of heating and/or hot water​48 hours*

*A 48 hour priority for completion is in operation for properties without heating and/or without hot water.  The call centre team will determine whether this repair type is an emergency or a 48 hour priority depending on individual circumstances and the prevailing weather conditions.

In certain circumstances we will only be able to make this repair safe and carry out a temporary repair. For example, if your heating has failed and needs a new boiler, we will provide temporary heating and arrange with you when the boiler will be replaced.​  

We always prioritise emergency repairs because they may cause immediate damage to the home or, pose a risk to your health and safety.

Useful numbers in an emergency:

  • Gas leaks/emergencies: 0800 111 999
  • Electrical supply to your home: 0800 195 4141
  • Water supply to your home: 0845 746 2200 
  • 0800 330 033 – use this number to report leaks from the main water supply e.g. in the street or road. ​​
  • Police enquiries: 101 or 999 for emergencies.
​​There may be times when a maintenance or repair job is needed in your home but if it doesn’t pose a risk to the property or you and your family, it isn’t classed as an emergency.

We still want to help fix the problem as soon as we can and we pride ourselves on offering a service that is fast, easy and convenient.  Information on how you can report a repair is here​.

Before you do report a repair, please check whether it is our responsibility or yours here​

Examples of Non-Emergency Repairs and our response times are outlined in the table below:

​Type of Repair​Response Time
​Minor repairs to kitchen units​​15 working days
​Minor repairs to bathroom sanitary fittings and fixtures​15 working days
​Minor plastering to walls and ceilings​15 working days
​Minor repairs or replacing internal doors​15 working day
​General repairs to boilers, fires and radiators​15 working days

​​If several properties have a similar non-urgent problem, we’ll carry out the repair as part of a planned home improvements programme (with an appointment where required).  Here are some examples of Planned Improvements:

  • Replacement  kitchen units 
  • Replacement bathroom fittings
  • Re Pointing brickwork  
  • Dry rot or damp-proof course work
  • Replacing window frames
  • Major plastering work
  • External wall repairs
  • Ground works i.e paving and tarmac repairs replacement
  • Repairs to garages or outbuildings 
  • Solid-floor repairs or replacement
  • Replace doors or frames 
  • Fencing and gate renewals
  • Electrical upgrade works 
  • Roofing repairs or replacement​

A rechargeable repair is something that is the tenants responsibility but they have requested GGHT to carry out the repair, for example

  • Replacement lock or gain access when you have lost your keys or locked yourself out
  • Broken windows and doors, including the cost of boarding up
  • Blocked sinks or toilet due to neglect (nappies, toys)
  • Damage to fixtures and fittings that cannot be classed as wear and tear
  • Damage caused by neglect and not reporting repairs or by DIY
  • Replacing toilet seats or plugs and chains
  • The cleaning of mould due to condensation
  • Replacing light bulbs or fluorescent tubes
  • Damage caused by faulty household appliances.

We will always tell you if something is a rechargeable repair and you will have the option to pay for this up front over the telephone, this will not then incur an admin fee of £20.00.​

You also have the option to complete the repair yourself to a like for like standard, this can be done and then inspected by GGHT.​