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New Build Projects

artist impression of the new houses on howson road18 New Homes – Howson Road, Orford

Our first housing development is 18 new affordable homes being built on Howson Road in Orford.

The development will sees us working with Helena Partnerships and contractors Harbor Construction to build a mix of two and three bedroom homes, helping to meet the need for more affordable homes in Warrington. 

The £1.5milllion build was funded by GGHT and the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) and is part of the Trust’s current plans to build 152 new properties in 5 years.  

The new homes will look to achieve Sustainable Code Level 3, which is a national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and promote higher standards of sustainable design above the current minimum standards set out by the building regulations.

The build is expected to take until September 2015; the new homes will be GGHT properties and will be let via CHOOSEaHOME.  You can check updates of the project on Twitter using #GGHTNewBuild.​