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£105million Investment

two workmen standing near a new fenceNovember 2015 saw the completion of the £105million investment programme – that’s around £400,000 invested every week since GGHT was formed in 2010.

“£105 million invested in Warrington in the last five years!...of which £74.5 million was on home improvements.”

The investment works resulted in bringing ALL of our homes up to the Warrington Standard, which was developed with tenants for tenants.

Here are some highlights of what has been achieved over the five years:
  • ​​We invested £74.5 million on home improvements.
  • We involved tenants in the choice and procurement materials including fencing, bathrooms, windows, doors, glass, security lights and kitchens.  
  • We consulted each tenant on the improvement works, with them giving input on layout, colours and design.  Which gave tenants a great choice of style, colour and layout.
  • Waiting times for disabled adaptations were significantly reduced by having a £15million dedicated budget.
  • We gave 8,600 GGHT properties new windows and doors (90,200 double glazed units installed, which would stretch 56 miles if laid out in a line).  The security of every property has been improved by installing double glazing, 'Secured By Design' front and rear doors and external lighting when required.
  • 3,600 Bathrooms & Showers upgrades.
  • 7,058 Central Heating and Affordable Warmth improvements.
  • 8,569 Security Lights installations.
  • 3,321 Kitchens upgrades.
  • 3,526 Fences installations (and counting).
  • 3,727 Disabled Aids & Adaptations.
  • 1,638 Solar Panels installed onto your homes (with WBC).
  • 4,800 Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation installed.
  • 300 Water Meters installed.
  • Our ‘Alder Green Green Regeneration Project’  triumphed at the prestigious 2015 Housing Innovation Awards.   The multi-million pound project won the award for the ‘Most Innovative Refurbishment/Regeneration Project’.
  • Reduction of tenant fuel costs by installing 'A' rated windows, showers, energy efficient boilers, better insulation and providing energy advice.

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