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Improving Your Own Home

smiling man with toolsWe are happy for you to make improvements to your home; HOWEVER, we need to be sure that alterations are safe. So please check with us, before you start.  

The types of alterations​ include:
  • laying wooden flooring  
  • fitting kitchens or bathrooms
  • installing gas or electric fires 
  • conservatories, sheds and garages  
  • putting up fencing and building walls     
  • removing or filling walls    
  • installing showers
  • fitting burglar alarms
  • adding to or changing any electrics in your home
  • putting in built-in wardrobes and cupboards.

To get permission or to find out more contact your Neighbourhood Officer​.  Please note that:
  • you must have a clear rent account to make alterations to your home
  • you must be a secure/assured tenant or an introductory tenant to make alterations to your home
  • if you fail to get our permission, you may be required to restore your home to its former state - if you cannot restore your home we will carry out the work and re-charge you.

What if there are already alterations to my home when I move in?
When you move into your new home there may be improvements or alterations to the property made by the previous tenant.  We will tell you about these changes.  While you have the benefit of these items, you must look after them.  If you later find them to be faulty or they become dangerous, we will remove them or make them safe, but we will not replace them.