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Vital Gas Safety - Servicing and Information

engineers checking a boilerUsing gas as a fuel in the home is normally very safe and one of the most efficient ways to heat you home. 
However, poorly maintained gas appliances can have disastrous consequences not only for the individual whose property it is but potentially risk the lives of those around them.
We believe in ensuring our properties have safe and well maintained gas appliances and we take this very seriously.  We do this for several very good reasons.
  • Gas leaks -  have the potential to injure or kill people on a large scale and have a devastating impact – which is why as part of our safety check we ensure there are no leaks
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (the silent killer) is an odourless tasteless gas that can have serious health effects or cause death with around 40 deaths a year in the UK attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning – part of our gas service is to ensure we check that the appliance is not producing Carbon Monoxide which we do with a flue gas analyser.
  • Efficiency – an un-serviced gas appliance could be potentially costing more money to run so on each visit which complete a gas rate which tells us how much gas the boiler is burning which we check with the manufactures instructions to ensure its operating at its optimum.
  • Safety – we check on the fail safe devices fitted to an appliance​ including the flue to ensure that is something does go wrong with the appliance that all the safety devices work to keep you safe.

Your Annual Gas Service & Safety Check - Keeping You Safe!

Annually, by law, we have to visit every GGHT property, whether you use your gas supply or not, to check heating systems, appliances and smoke detectors are safely installed and that any faults are fully repaired. 

We are legally responsible for making sure your gas appliances, gas piping and flues in your home are well maintained and safe.  This is why we do a gas safety check, service and smoke alarm & Carbon Monxide alarm check every 11 months. It takes around 30 – 45 minutes to complete and as mentioned above gives piece of mind that your appliance is safe to use.
When your gas service is due we will write to you beforehand with the date and time our engineer will call, if the appointment is not convenient, you must call us to re-arrange.

Not allowing access
Be aware we do make several attempts to access your property over a two month period and always document these attempts but it is our legal responsibility that if we cannot gain access through reasonable means, we may seek a warrant to enter the property as ensuring the appliances are safe is very serious and it is vital complete this work to keep all of our tenants safe. 

Remember even if you do not have a gas supply or any appliances we still have to visit your property to check your meter is still safe and the pipe work within the property is sealed correctly.
Let us in on the first visit and you could win £100 worth of Love to Shop Vouchers​...
The prize draw takes place every three months, so to be in with a chance of winning make sure you allow us access on our first visit!  By not allowing us to check your gas appliances you are risking Carbon Monoxide poisoning, click here for more information on Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  
Did you know as part of the check, we also check your Smoke Alarm?
As part of the gas service, we have arranged for the gas contractors to also check the operation of your smoke detectors.  These details are logged, and any defects or failures found are then reported back to GGHT for a repair or replacement.  Contact us for more information.
Accordion Description

​​If you think there is a gas leak in your home (or nearby) contact the National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999. In the meantime:

  • DO NOT turn any electrical switches or sockets on or off
  • DO NOT smoke or strike matches
  • DO turn off the gas at the meter
  • DO open the windows and doors to let the gas out
  • DO put out any naked flames
  • DO keep people aware of the affected area
  • DO get in touch with the National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999. 

Many aspects of gas safety may rely on other people, but as a tenant you also have certain responsibilities. Some of these are in the gas safety regulations, the others are common sense.

  • Do report gas leaks and try to prevent more gas from leaking by turning your gas supply off at the mains.
  • Do allow access to make sure all your appliances are working correctly and safely.
  • Do use a Gas Safe-registered contractor to install and service your gas cooker and your own fire.
  • Do not use gas appliances that you know or think are unsafe. Report faulty appliances to us.
  • Do not block any ventilation or flues needed for gas appliances to work safely.
  • Do not carry out any work on gas appliances or pipes yourself. By law, anyone doing gas work must be trained to do it safely. The easiest way to be sure of this is to use a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • Do not paint the casing to your fire.
  • Do not use a ceiling fan in a room at the same time as a gas appliance.
  • If you or a member of your family is sleeping in a room which has an open-flue appliance (such as a back boiler), you must contact us so that we can check that you are safe to do so. ​

​​From April 2009, the new Gas Safe Register replaced the CORGI gas registration scheme as Great Britain’s gas safety authority.  

By law Gas Safe registered engineers should be employed to carry out work on gas installations or appliances – CORGI gas registration will not be valid. All contractors who work for GGHT are registered with Gas Safe Register.  

All engineers are provided with a yellow Gas Safe Register logo, and every engineer will carry a Gas Safe Register ID card with their own unique licence number ( It is the size of a credit card and shows their photograph, name, Gas Safe registration number, unique licence number showing the type of gas work they are qualified to do, card expiry date and the Gas Safe logo).  Before you have any gas work done in your home, make sure you check the card.  As Braille does not confirm an engineer’s identity, it is not included on the Gas Safe identification cards.  If you are unsure about their identity, ask them to wait outside then phone us on 01925 452452 and we’ll check them out for you.

If someone other than a Gas Safe registered engineer carries out gas work at your home, you could be risking the safety of your family and your property.​