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Your Vital Gas Safety Check

Annually, by law, we have to visit every GGHT property, whether you use your gas supply or not, to check heating systems, appliances and smoke detectors are safely installed and that any faults are fully repaired. 

From the 1 April 2017 all gas servicing and safety checks will be carried out by GGHT In-house Gas Contractor.  The service you currently receive will not change.  The only difference will be our dedicated engineers carrying out the work.

When your gas service is due we will write to you beforehand with the date and time our engineer will call, if the appointment is not convenient, you must call us to re-arrange.

Your safety is a top priority for us, but it is your duty and responsibility to allow us entry into your home to complete this essential work.  By not allowing access you could be putting yourself, family members and visitors to your property at risk.  Remember carbon monoxide can kill. ​​​

Remember even if you do not have a gas supply or any appliances GGHT is still legally obliged to undertake a gas safety check to your home.  We need to check your meter is still safe and the pipe work within the property is sealed correctly.  This applies even if the last safety check showed that there was no gas supply present.

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As soon as you have received the keys to your home, it is important that you register with a gas supplier. 

You can find out who the current suppliers are by contacting the following:
  • For gas ring National Grid on 0870 6081524
  • For electricity ring NPAS on 0845 270 9101

As soon as you have registered with a gas & electric supplier phone us on 01925 452452 to arrange for a gas safety check. 

​​​We will send you an appointment letter about your annual Gas Safety Check appointment two weeks before it's due to take place.

If the appointment is not suitable then you can contact us on 01925 452452 to re-arrange

If you allow access at the first appointment your details will be automatically placed into our quarterly prize draw where you could win £100 of Love to Shop Vouchers. 

It is very important for you to give us access at this first appointment to ensure your yearly gas safety check does not become overdue.


As a customer, it is important you let us carry out this work and failure to do so will put you in breach of your tenancy agreement. When necessary GGHT will take action through the courts to gain access to a property and in all cases to date this has resulted in customers being ordered to pay our costs, which is usually £700.

If you do not allow access the following actions will be taken:

  • We will start legal action by applying to the court for an 'injunction for access.
  • We will refuse to carry out any repairs or improvements (other than emergency repairs) to your home.
  • We may refuse to allow you to go onto the waiting list for a transfer.
  • The court may award us possession of your home, for breaking your tenancy agreement.

The court may grant an injunction, which could lead to you going to prison or facing a large court fine if breached.


All landlord owned appliances will be safety checked and serviced, by GGHT In House Gas contractor.  They will look at:

  • Gas Fires
  • Central Heating Boilers
  • Cookers ( Visual Risk Assessment ONLY)
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

Tenant Owned Appliances:  
GGHT will maintain, service and carry out a safety check on all gas appliances and flues that GGHT have supplied and installed. If it is safe and economical to do so, we will also maintain and repair your own gas fire providing you've applied for and received permission to install the appliance and can supply the manufacturer's instructions.

Please note it is your responsibility to service and maintain your own gas cooker to ensure its safe functioning.  At the annual safety check our gas engineer will only complete a Visual Risk Assessment of your cooker, details of which will be recorded on your Gas Certificate.  
As part of the Gas Safety Check GGHT will: 
  • Ensure gas appliances, flues, gas pipework, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are checked and maintained in a safe condition.
  • Carry out a visual inspection of your gas cooker if you have one
  • Make you aware of where the gas meter is located and how to turn off the gas in an emergency
  • Record details of the tests carried out during the Safety Check on the Landlord Gas Safety Record. 

All Engineers will have a Photo ID and a Gas Safe Registered Identification card.

GGHT Gas Engineers use an electronic device to record appliance and test details carried out on your Gas Appliances. By signing on this device it confirms that the service took place on the day and time specified.  

The completed Landlords Gas Safety Record will be sent to you within 28 days of the Gas Safety Check being carried out. 

On completion of your gas safety check and service we may undertake a quality assurance check on your property to ensure our high standards of service are maintained.  This check may be completed by a GGHT Compliance Surveyor or our external Gas Auditor.