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Repairs & Online Services

What repairs are covered in my tenancy agreement?


We will carry out the majority of any repairs caused by fair wear and tear to your home. However, the day-to-day upkeep of your home is your responsibility.

Here are a few examples of repairs that we'll put right:

Emergency repairs

  • Uncontrollable leaks or bursts
  • Blocked drains resulting in the presence of foul waste
  • Total loss of power or lighting on the ground or first floor
  • Immediate risk of structural collapse
  • Unsecure doors or windows
  • Repairs to toilets or cisterns where foul waste is present (if only one toilet available)
  • Leaking or unsecure gas appliance
  • Faulty smoke or CO alarms (constantly ringing)
  • Loss of heating and/or hot water*

*A 48 hour priority for completion is in operation for properties without heating and/or hot water. The call centre team will determine whether this is an emergency or a 48 hour priority depending on individual circumstances and the prevailing weather conditions.

Non-emergency repairs

  • Minor repairs to kitchen units
  • Minor repairs to bathroom sanitary fittings and fixtures
  • Minor plastering to walls and ceilings
  • Minor repairs 15 days to or replacing internal doors
  • General repairs to boilers, fires and radiators


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