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Rent and Payments

Water collection charges


You might have heard on the news or on social media, that housing association tenants in London may have been illegally overcharged for water services by Thames Water and are able to make a ‘no win, no fee’ claim.

We’d like to reassure Torus Warrington tenants that you are not being overcharged.

Our agreement with United Utilities


  • We have a Social Housing Collection agreement with United Utilities. This enables us to collect water charges from you along with your rent
  • We are paid commission by United Utilities for providing this collection service. It is not a water re-sale agreement like Thames Water

Answers to frequently asked questions


Q. I used to pay my water charges direct to a council under an agreement that has since stopped. Was this old agreement legal or might I have a claim for overcharging?

A. No, United Utilities has never set up any agreement with any council that would be illegal or would overcharge residents.  That applies to all past agreements as well as current agreements.

Q. I know that my council is making a profit from the water charges so surely I am being overcharged?

A. No, you are not being overcharged. In fact, customers who pay their charges under a Social Housing Collection agreement receive a £10 a year discount from their annual charges. United Utilities instructs the social housing partner to collect the exact same amount from customers as they would if they were billing and collecting the charges directly (less the £10 discount)  



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