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Coronavirus – Help & Support

Updated: 6 January 2020

Communities have really come together to look after each other in response to the Coronavirus situation, the page will show you where you can go to get help with support, food and other services.

Get support if you’re clinically extremely vulnerable to coronavirus at

Your local authority - Help and support for vulnerable people 

Warrington Borough Council (WBC) are working in partnership with Warrington Voluntary Action (WVA) and other local organisations to deliver a 'Safe and Well' service to support clinically extremely vulnerable individuals.

Find out more at:

To receive support from WBC please call 01925 442441 or 442443 or email

Getting social! Your Community – stay connected

There is lots information on your local social media pages.  You can find information on local support, community groups and much more.

Keep up to date with all the latest coronavirus breaking news and updates affecting Warrington residents as well as all the latest advice from the government on the Warrington Guardian’s dedicated Facebook page.

Support in your local area

Torus Foundation have pulled together a list of key organisations providing support, both locally and nationally, to help you cope. View the full list here.

Struggling with money

If you are struggling to pay your rent or need help and advice on money and benefits, visit our dedicated Rent and Money support page.

Help with food & essential items

If you need emergency food, please contact the foodbank directly. Families do not currently need a voucher to access the foodbank, contact them on 07583080521 or 07925937659.

Find out more on the Warrington Foodbank website.

Community Support:

Neighbourhood Food Larder (Warrington) -  Help for those struggling to buy food, toiletries etc. The focus on vulnerable groups, families with disabled children and people on low income - but all are welcome.  Located at 5 Guardian Street,  Warrington WA5 1SJ (behind the hospital, near the Chemist), open Monday to Sunday 10-3.  Find out more on Facebook.

Kings church Warrington – Bewsey & Whitecross: contact King’s Church and they can deliver to Bewsey and Whitecross.

Ames Hapi Hub: free food in the community, find out more on Facebook.

Friends of Meadowside: Free food in the community (Orford & Longford), find out more on Facebook

Neighbourhood Food Larder: Providing good quality food were people would not always be able to access it. Visit, call 07961834480 – check on Facebook.

Salvation Army: support for the elderly and vulnerable with shopping, call 01925 451000.

St Joseph’s Family Centre: emergency food parcels – please email or call 01925 635448.

ASDA Volunteer Shopping Card:
Asda has launched a dedicated volunteer shopping card, to help meet the shopping needs of those who are self-isolating due to Covid-19.  The card provides a contactless, safe and secure way to allow others to shop for them.

It comes in the form of an e-gift card, with a barcode that can be scanned for payments. It can be downloaded and presented on a phone screen or be printed on A4 paper and scanned by a member of checkout staff.  Find out more and buy here.

Sainsbury's Volunteer Shopping Card:
Sainsbury’s has launched Volunteer Shopping Cards – enabling others to shop on behalf of the elderly, disabled and vulnerable among other customers who can’t shop for themselves.

The Volunteer Shopping Cards can be purchased online: enabling friends and helpers to shop on behalf of the elderly, disabled and vulnerable together with other customers who may not be able to shop for themselves.

Torus Foundation

Our charitable arm, Torus Foundation is here for you online or over the phone. They’re working with a huge number of partner organisations to give you help and support with:

Employment Advice:  If you’ve come out of work, our advisors have details of all the latest vacancies in your area, to help you get back in. They’ll also help with CVs, interview techniques and more. Just get in touch.

Staying Connected:  Need help to make video calls or order groceries online? We can help. Our digital team can take you through the basics by phone, email or Skype.

Staying Healthy at Home:  Your health and wellbeing are so important during this time. If you feel completely isolated and in need of support let us know and we will try and point you in the right direction.

Budgeting Support: If you’re worried about money, get in touch. Our financial team can offer support with managing your budget, applying for Universal Credit, reducing your fuel bills and more.

If you are struggling to pay your rent, please visit our dedicated rents support page.

Contact the Torus Foundation on 0300 123 5809 or email

  • Twitter: @TorusFoundation
  • Facebook: /TheTorusFoundation
  • Facebook: /TorusFoundationWarrington

Domestic abuse

If you are self-isolating due to coronavirus and feel at risk from a partner or family member in the home then support is still available, so don’t suffer in silence.

IN AN EMERGENCY, ALWAYS DIAL 999 - if you are unable to speak always press '55' when prompted to confirm an emergency.

Visit our dedicated Domestic abuse page for more information and support services.

Safeguarding adults during the crisis

During the COVID-19 crisis, it is particularly important to safeguard adults with care and support needs. They may be more vulnerable to abuse and neglect as others may seek to exploit disadvantages due to age, disability, mental or physical impairment or illness.

These groups may be targeted because of several factors. Generally speaking, they may need assistance with some tasks, be less up to speed with technology, more welcoming of new contacts, more trusting and – for many older people – wealthier. There is evidence that social isolation increases the likelihood of abuse. Many older and disabled people spend long periods at home alone, and now as the whole nation is being asked to stay at home the same groups are more likely to be alone rather than in a family group.

At a time of international crisis, those who seek to exploit these vulnerabilities are quick to act. We will all have been warned of new scams offering help and advice on COVID-19 or with financial assistance. Many of us will have concerns for family members who may fall prey to fraudsters.

‘Safeguarding is Everyone’s Business – as Usual’ but particularly at this is time when we must all be extra vigilant and try to pick up any early signs that something isn’t right.

For further information and contacts please visit the Warrington Safeguarding Adults Board webpage.






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