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Lose Weight and Healthy Eating

close up of frut and vegetables​​LiveWire - Help to Lose Weight

LiveWire’s Lifestyles Team are not there to put you on a strict diet, the friendly advisors will help increase your knowledge of the different food groups and which foods you can swap for a healthier alternative.  

An advisor will work with you on a regular basis to create a healthy balanced eating and exercise plan that is workable for you.  Throughout your weight loss journey, LiveWire’s Lifestyles team offer group drop-in and one-to-one Weight Management sessions throughout Warrington.

An advisor will be available to discuss which weight loss solutions work best for you and that you're on the right track to reach your goal!   The best way to keep in great shape and live a healthy lifestyle is to incorporate exercise into a healthy eating plan.  Find out more on the LiveWire website.


These days, ’modern life’ can mean that we’re a lot less active. With so many opportunities to watch TV or play computer games, and with so much convenience and fast food available, we don’t move about as much, or eat as well as we used to.  

​Change4Life is about trying new things and feeling good!  Find out about:
  • Healthy eating & recipe ideas
  • How 'sneaky drinks' can affect your health
  • Support for adults, kids & families
  • Places to go to get active

CHEW (Cook Healthy, Eat Well) - (for patients aged 16+)

CHEW is a 4 week course (2 hours per week free of charge) designed to help improve knowledge and understanding of healthy eating, make practical changes and learn new skills to help ‘Cook Healthy and Eat Well’.  

The courses are held at local community venues. Each session offers information and support on eating healthily and provides the opportunity to learn a range of food skills, cooking methods and basic ingredient preparation.  A variety of practical methods are used to demonstrate that eating well and cooking healthily can be fun, quick, easy and affordable.  For further details please contact 01925 662255​.

Weight Management Service - (for patients aged 16 years+ with a BMI of 30+ or BMI of 28+ with co-morbidities)

The Weight Management Service offers an effective, safe approach for patients incorporating healthy eating advice, exercise, behavioural change and cooking skills. It is an 8 week course (1 & 1½ hours per week) designed to help lose weight through lifestyle change.  

Patients are followed up for 12 months as part of the service.  There is also a drop-in clinic which patients can access at their convenience.  For further details please contact 01925 662255​.​