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Pets - Permissions and Your Tenancy Agreement

​​people with dogsTenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement states:
5.1 Not to keep animals or pets in your home (except for a guide dog or small caged pets) unless we agree otherwise in writing. If we give you our written permission, that animal or pet must not cause a nuisance in the local area and you must look after it well.
5.2 Not to allow any dangerous dog, as defined by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or other relevant law, to live in your home.
5.3 To clean up after your pet or animal, or any pet or animal belonging to someone living with or visiting you. This includes cleaning up after your pet or animal has fouled in any shared or public spaces. 
We do not expect you to apply for permission to keep a guide dog/​assistance dog or small caged animal/ small bird/ tanked fish. However you do need to seek permission for all other types of pets.
You will need to fill in a permission form which is situated in the back of the ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ booklet (pdf).  The permission form will want information like what pet you would like to keep and if you have any pets already. We will inform you in writing if your request has been approved.​
The ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ booklet is available from your Neighbourhood Officer, at Bank Park House or by contacting us and requesting one to be posted out or emailed.  The booklet also gives details on permitted pets, responsibilities as a pet owner, advice on pet ownership, nuisance pets, what action will be taken concerning nuisance pets and useful contacts and advice.