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Older Persons Support and Contacts

volunteers packing winter goody bags for older peopleThe Silver Line - helpline for older people

Are you someone aged 60+ who is feeling a little lonely, especially at this time of year?  Please don’t suffer in silence but instead start to use Silver Line… 

Why does The Silver Line exist?
The statistics about older people and loneliness are frightening. More than half of all 75 year olds in the UK live alone and one in ten suffers “intense” loneliness but is reluctant to ask for help. In a poll conducted to mark the national launch of The Silver Line on 25 November 2013, 9 out of 10 older people told researchers that “a chat on the phone” is the most helpful solution when they feel lonely but 1 in 4 older people say they never or seldom have someone to chat to on the phone.

About the Silver Line Helpline
The Silver Line is the confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK and is open every day and night of the year. Our specially trained helpline staff:
  • Offer information, friendship and advice
  • Link callers to local groups and services
  • Offer regular befriending calls
  • Protect and support those who are suffering abuse and neglect

Who is it for?  The Silver Line is a helpline for older people – the Silver Generation. They have no strict age limits but most people we speak to are over 65. So, if you think it’s for you, it’s for you.

Are All Calls Free?  The Silver Line Helpline is free to callers.  They rely on charitable donations from organisations and individuals who care about the welfare and safety of older people to fund this vital new service.

Are all calls confidential?  The Silver Line is a confidential helpline.  Callers are free to express their feelings and describe their lives honestly, and can trust us to respect their privacy.  In cases of abuse or neglect, with the callers’ permission, we will involve specialist safeguarding organisations such as Action on Elder Abuse or Social Services.

Silver Line Friends and Silver Circles - If callers would like to be put in touch with Silver Line Friends, they can receive a regular weekly friendship call or email. Or they may like to join a Silver Circle and take part in a regular group call on subjects that interest them.  Silver Line Friends are volunteers who have contacted The Silver Line because they enjoy talking to older people. They are vetted and trained, and work in pairs for safeguarding and work in pairs for safeguarding and support.

Age UK - Warrington

Age UK  is a charitable organisation that operates to promote and provide older people in the area with a holistic range of health, wellbeing and care services so that individuals have more choice and control in their everyday lives.  They do this by working in partnership with key stakeholders and by utilising a range of social enterprise businesses to help us deliver our services and generate income to fund our work.  They aim:
  • To be Enabling – enabling older people to make informed decisions about their lives
  • To be Caring – passionate about our work with older people
  • To be Influential – draw strength from the combined voices of older people
  • To be Pro-Active – innovative, effective and outcomes focussed
  • To share our Expertise – be authoritative, be trusted and be quality orientated

Find out more on the Age UK website​.

WBC Guide to Older People's Services

WBC guide to older peoples' services provides information about care and support services for people over 65 and their carers across Warrington. It provides general information and also details of people and organisations you can contact to get further help and information. 
  • Healthy ageing 
  • Emotional wellbeing 
  • Support to live at home 
  • Housing 
  • Services for carers 
  • Keeping yourself safe from harm 
  • Moving home 
  • Benefits 
  • Having a voice 
  • Residential and nursing homes