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Carecall - Community Alarm System

​​​older couple sitting on their sofaWarrington Carecall is a service provided by Warrington Borough Council. The service is delivered from the Council's 24 hour control centre.

Carecall provides reassurance and 24 hour emergency support to elderly residents in GGHT properties. It now serves over 3,500 people of all ages, GGHT tenants, other housing associations tenants, owner occupiers and the private sector. However the overall aim remains unchanged - to help people continue to live an independent life. 

Below is more information and some frequently asked questions or you can fiind out more about Carecall on the WBC website.​

Accordion Description

​​A community alarm is a system of calling for help at the touch of a button. It's usually either a special telephone, or special unit which sits alongside your own telephone or an emergency pull cord system. They are installed for a variety of reasons, often to help people to continue to live independently but also to help and support people in vulnerable situations.​


​The main function is to provide an emergency link, often to people who live alone.  However, the Carecall service is used by lots of people for different reasons; from people who are vulnerable of falling to those who just want the reassurance of knowing that a friendly voice is available at the touch of a button.​


​In the event of an emergency, your telephone might be the only way of getting help.  With Carecall, help is instantly available, even if the phone is out of reach. The Carecall unit is specially designed for this purpose. It has a large red illuminated button that when pressed, automatically calls Carecall Control at Appleton. There is also a small alarm button that can be worn as a pendant, clipped to clothing or worn on a neck cord. When either button is pressed, Carecall Control will receive a call and is instantly able to identify who is calling. The Carecall Unit has a built-in microphone and loudspeaker that you can talk to the Carecall Control from around your home. We will immediately contact the right person to get you help. This may be a friend, relative or neighbour. If necessary we will quickly alert the emergency services.​


​This will depend on the type of alarm you have. The Carecall centre will be able to explain the type of equipment you have and the maintenance required. If you have a pendant and the batteries are low the operator will record it and she will arrange for a Carecall assistant to contact you.​


If you move into a flat or bungalow and are under 60 and do not want the system please contact Carecall Control on 01925 458000, we can arrange to disconnect the speech module.

Please do not remove the pull switches or the speech module as this may cause a fault and vulnerable tenants may be put at risk. If you tamper with the cabling we could charge you for the costs of sending an engineer to rectify the fault.  Please discuss any concerns you have with Carecall.


​Simple. Press the alarm button on the Carecall unit or the button on the small pendant.  When either button is pressed, an operator at Carecall Control will answer on the loud speaker. Just explain to the operator what the problem is and what you need.​


​Do not worry, the pendant works using radio waves and has a range big enough to work around the house and garden. Even if you activate the alarm from another room, the operator may still be able to hear you. If you can not be heard, the operator will respond and get help to you.

You can use the pendant to answer normal telephone calls without having to get to your phone. When the phone rings, just press the pendant and you can have a conversation through the loud speaker.​

At the time of installing your Carecall Unit, we would ask for the names and telephone numbers of friends, relatives or neighbours who would be willing, in the case of an emergency, to hold a key to use for access to your property. IT IS IMPORTANT if your key holders change their details, i.e. phone numbers etc. that you remember to inform us.​

​There is always someone waiting to take your call. The control centre is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You should never feel hesitant to make a call.​


​We recommend that you wear the pendant at all times when around the house and garden. You never know when you might need it. It is best that you take it off when you go to bed so as not to press it by mistake in the night but leave it by your bedside. Whilst the pendant is water resistant, try not to submerge it in water for any length of time. You can use it whilst you are in the shower.​


​Even if the button is pressed by mistake, we will be more than happy to speak to you.  Simply explain to the operator that it was pressed by mistake. Remember, the operator can only speak to you over the main Carecall unit, so remember to take the pendant off when you leave your home. We do not mind receiving false calls.​


​We ask that you test the Carecall Unit by pressing your pendant and speaking to the operator at Carecall Control. You should do this once a month. This is for your benefit to familiarise yourself with the unit and make sure it is working properly and efficiently.​


​The Carecall Service is available to anyone in Warrington. You do not have to be disabled or above a certain age. There is not eligibility criteria (although the Council does reserve the right not to provide the service in certain circumstances) the property must have a phone line with a modern telephone socket, within reasonable distance of a power socket. Warrington Carecall does not normally provide service to people outside of Warrington.​


​The Carecall units are offered as a rental package which includes the provision of the alarm equipment, the radio pendant, 24 hour cover by Carecall Control and all maintenance (other than for non fair wear and tear).  The cost is usually £30.00 per quarter, (every three months). There is also a one off installation charge of £20.00. Where appropriate, and in most cases VAT will be exempt from the charge. ​


​We provide Carecall units that incorporate a telephone handset or that connect to your existing telephone. Each type of unit comes complete with a small radio trigger which can be worn as a pendant, belt clip, or watch strap.

We are also looking into providing in the future, a range of additional equipment including fall detectors, speech triggers, inactivity sensors, smoke detectors etc. if you are interested in any of these, please call us on 01925 452452.


​The alarm equipment is purposely designed to meet a wide range of special needs.

Design features include inductive couplers, augmented ringing, fast dial buttons, speaking phones.

If you would like to discuss how the service can be tailored to meet a certain need, please contact Wendy Hart on 01925 458000.​


​Telephone Carecall Control on 01925 458000.​


​A Carecall Assistant will gladly visit you at home, show you the equipment and, if you decide you want to proceed, install the Carecall Unit for you. To book an appointment to arrange a free demonstration, without obligation, please contact Carecall Control on 01925 458000​


​When an alarm is no longer required, you need to contact Carecall on 01925 458000, and we will cancel the account which will stop any further charges and arrange the return of the unit.  It is important that units are returned, as we want to help as many people as possible while keeping costs low.

If you have any difficulty please contact Carecall on 01925 458000 who will be able to assist you.​

Find out more about Carecall on the WBC website.​​