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Tenancy Agreement

​​people gardeningWe aim to ensure that all tenants are good neighbours and also maintain their homes to the standards set out in our Tenancy Agreement (updated agreement will be available soon). 

Property Checks

Periodically, our staff will check the external appearance of properties, action is taken against any tenants who do not maintain their property and garden.

Tenancy Checks

Sometimes, when we visit a property, staff will notice that the internal upkeep will be of a low standard. Here again, action will be taken against tenants who do not maintain their property to the standards set out in our Tenancy Agreement. We also carry out periodic tenancy audits where we will make an appointment to visit you to discuss all aspects of your tenancy and home. ​

Ending Your Tenancy - Giving Notice

If you are thinking of leaving your tenancy, as outlined in your tenancy agreement you will need to give us 4 weeks notice, preferably in writing. If you just bring your keys in without giving us any notice you will still have to give us the full 4 weeks notice and will be liable for rent for this period, so please ensure you plan ahead.

All notice periods run from Monday to Monday. This means that if you give notice on a Monday your tenancy will end in exactly 4 weeks time on Monday. If you give notice on any other day of the week, we will start to count the 4 weeks from the following Monday.

Contact us or speak to your Neighbourhood Officer if you have any queries.