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New Tenant Information - One Stop Shop

young couple lay on the floor with packing boxes​​You have finally got the keys to your new home!

As well as the keys we also need to give you lots of information so you can settle in and find your feet!​

This page is a one stop shop for all the information you may need for your first few months in your new home and as a GGHT Tenant.  

So read on to find out about:

Accordion Description

​We aim to ensure that all tenants are good neighbours and also maintain their homes to the standards set out in our Tenancy Agreement (updated agreement will be available soon).

Property Checks: Periodically, our staff will check the external appearance of properties, action is taken against any tenants who do not maintain their property and garden.

Tenancy Checks: Sometimes, when we visit a property, staff will notice that the internal upkeep will be of a low standard. Here again, action will be taken against tenants who do not maintain their property to the standards set out in our Tenancy Agreement. We also carry out periodic tenancy audits where we will make an appointment to visit you to discuss all aspects of your tenancy and home.

Contact us or speak to your Neighbourhood Officer if you have any queries.


We strongly advise all tenants to take out household contents insurance.  You can do this either through the GGHT scheme or by making your own private arrangements.

Many customers believe that we automatically insure their furniture, belongings and decorations against theft, fire, vandalism or burst pipes  - THIS IS NOT THE CASE.  Unfortunately many people only realise this after the damage has been done. 

The GGHT scheme, makes it easy for you to insure your belongings under a special household contents insurance scheme arranged through Norwich Union and available ONLY to tenants of GGHT.  Find out more on the GGHT Tenants Insurance Scheme leaflet and application form.

As soon as you have received the keys to your home, it is important that you register with a gas supplier. 

You can find out who the current suppliers are by contacting the following:
  • For gas ring National Grid on 0870 6081524
  • For electricity ring NPAS on 0845 270 9101
As soon as you have registered with a gas and electric supplier phone us on 01925 452452 to arrange for a gas safety check.  Find out more about vital gas safety and your gas safety check here.

We have lots of ways you can pay your rent, choose the most convenient way for you from:

  • Direct Debit
  • Online Payments
  • Telephone Payments
  • Smartphone App
  • Standing Order
  • By Post
  • In Your Local Shop
  • Phone

Find out more on the How Can I Pay My Rent page.


​You can contact us in a variety of ways; email, phone, via social media (Twitter/Facebook), in person.  Find out more here. 


The team offer a broad range of services for tenants going beyond the role of a conventional Housing Officer, and deal with:

  • Issues from low level anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • Untidy gardens, Land Issues & Trees
  • Rent arrears
  • Liasing with Tenants in regards the improvement works on homes
  • Offering support to those affected by the Benefit Changes, in particular Universal Credit
  • Property viewing and new tenant sign ups
  • Dealing with tenancy and estate management.
  • As well as offering support in numeracy and literacy issues to those tenants who need it.
Find out which Neighbourhood Officer covers your area here.

​We really do value our customer's opinions and suggestions. We want you to be satisfied with our services and we would like you to tell us if we are succeeding or if there are areas in which we can improve.  To make a complaint you can contact us in a variety of ways:

Ask a friend, a relative, local councillor, MP or anyone to contact us on your behalf (complaint).


​​​There are few ways you can report a repair:

  • Report online 24/7


You can check your rent account on-line, and this will show details of all credits and debits on your rent account including insurance premiums, water charges and community alarm charges if applicable.  You can also check your rent account balance by contacting us.


We do not discourage pet ownership where facilities exist for their proper care. However controls are necessary to prevent irresponsible pet ownership, which can cause suffering to animals and nuisance to neighbours.

 You will need to get a permission for a pet (we do not expect you to apply for permission to keep a guide dog/assistance dog or small caged animal/ small bird/ tanked fish).

 You will need to fill in a permission form which is situated in the back of the 'Responsible Pet Ownership' booklet.  The permission form will want information like what pet you would like to keep and if you have any pets already. We will inform you in writing if your request has been approved.  Find out more about pets and permissions here.​


​Before you report a repair, find out what repairs you are responsible for.


​You can report ASB, domestic violence and hate crime in a number of ways.  In person at Bank Park House, using our ASB online form or calling us on 01925 452452.  Find out more on our ASB page.​


We are happy for you to make improvements to your home; HOWEVER, we need to be sure that alterations are safe. So please check with us, before you start. The types of alterations include:

  • laying wooden flooring 
  • fitting kitchens or bathrooms
  • installing gas or electric fires
  • conservatories, sheds and garages 
  • putting up fencing and building walls    
  • removing or filling walls   
  • installing showers
  • fitting burglar alarms
  • adding to or changing any electrics in your home
  • putting in built-in wardrobes and cupboards.

To get permission or to find out more contact your Neighbourhood Officer.  Please note that:

  • you must have a clear rent account to make alterations to your home.
  • you must be a secure/assured tenant or an introductory tenant to make alterations to your home.
  • if you fail to get our permission, you may be required to restore your home to its former state - if you cannot restore your home we will carry out the work and re-charge you.

We have a dedicated Employment Team who are here to help support tenants of GGHT tenants and members of their household who are looking for employment, training or volunteering opportunities, find out more and about support into employment here​.


We have dedicated Money Advice Team who will help you with:

  • Advice and information about a wide range of benefits
  • Assist you with understanding Benefit Changes (Welfare reforms)
  • Carry out a benefit check to make sure you are claiming your full entitlement
  • Help you with filling in forms
  • Guide you through the complex rules and regulations associated with claiming benefits
  • Help you adjust when things change that could affect your income
  • Help you manage your money and budget more efficiently
  • Prioritise your debts

Find out more on our Money Matters section.

If you need help with your Universal Credit claim including support to get online, you need to contact our UC Support Team - find out more about UC Support here.


We have a dedicated Energy Efficiency Officer who can help you with:

  • Finding a cheaper energy provider
  • Paying less for your Gas and Electricity
  • Affording to stay warm this winter
  • Saving Energy
  • Hints and Tips on how to become more energy efficient
  • Save money on your water bills with a water meter
  • Install some energy gadgets to help reduce your costs

Find out more on our Energy Efficiency section.


​We offer a wide range of ways you can be involved and give your views at a level that suits you, including; customer panels, conferences and much more.  

​Find out more about how you can get involved here.