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Our Policies

​At GGHT we have a range of individual policies covering different aspects of our business. These policies underline our approach in key areas. 

A policy is our statement of intent. We use policies to help us make the right decision with the aim of achieving the correct outcome. Policies tell us and others what we will do and procedures, how we will do it. We aim to make our policies clear and easily accessible. Individual policies are available​ to read or download below.

Accordion Description

​​The Torus Complaints and Compliments policy (July 2017)​ contains information you may need in regards; making a complaint, complaints procedure, petitions, leaseholder complaints, rent assessment committees, residential property tribunals, unreasonable complaints, responding to complaints, compensation and learning from complaints.  


​This policy applies to GGHT properties including shared ownership and leasehold properties. The aim of the GGHT Neighbourhood Policy is to provide effective management of the environment around our properties and any common areas to ensure that the neighbourhood is an attractive, well maintained, safe and secure place to live.


​We are currently in the process of reviewing and updating the policy, in the meantime please refer to:


These documents outlines GGHT's policy and summary for dealing with nuisance and anti-social behaviour (ASB) and describes our commitment to tackling nuisance and anti-social behaviour.


​This policy provides a summary of the types of tenancy which Golden Gates Housing Trust may use, how changes to a tenancy may occur during the tenancy and how a tenancy may end.​


This policy is in place to set out the policy for managing Starter (Assured Shorthold) tenancies​.


​​​We have recently reviewed our Fraud Policy and Fraud Respons​e Plan and our stance which is led from the Board at the top of the organisation is a zero tolerance approach to any kind of fraud and we provide clear guidance on how to raise any concerns.  Fraud, Whistle Blowing, Anti-Bribery, Anti-Money Laundering​ and Probity policies are in place to provide a framework within which the group can operate.  Find our more here​.


​This document focuses on adults at risk and will run in parallel with our developing policies and procedures for Safeguarding Children and Young People.   The Policy outlines how Safeguarding becomes everyone’s responsibility and will develop a culture of never turning a blind eye and always taking responsibility across all members of staff within the Group and its subsidiary companies. ​


The policy is to ensure that all staff in contact with children and young people take all reasonable measures to minimise the risks of harm to the welfare of children and young people. Where there are concerns about the welfare of children and young people actions should be taken to address these concerns. ​

  • ​Download the Safeguarding Children Policy (pdf)​

This document sets out the policy for shareholding membership of Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT). GGHT has a commitment to ensure that tenants and leaseholders are able to contribute positivelyto the work of the organisation and to the community it serves. ​​


​This document sets out a policy to deal with hate, harassment and discrimination incidents and hate crimes with the aim of creating sustainable communities and neighbourhoods where people are proud to live.​

  • Download the Hate Crime, Harassment and Discrimination Policy(pdf)​


This policy relates to tenanted properties, for leasehold properties the lease terms will contain details of repairs and maintenance responsibilities. This document describes how GGHT will deliver the repairs and maintenance service and achieve its aims.

  • Download the GGHT Response Repairs Policy (pdf)​​
This statement sets out how Torus ensures that slavery and human trafficking does not exist in any part of its business or supply chain.

The Torus Excessive Use and Unreasonable Behaviour Policy has been developed to manage a small minority of customers who take up an excessive amount of GGHT staff time to the detriment of other customers and/or who’s behaviour is deemed unreasonable.