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How We Are Doing

​​​member of gght staff speaking to a customer on their doorstep​We aim to be open and transparent about everything we do.

To ensure we are performing as well as possible we measure how well we are doing in key areas and compare our performance over time. We also compare our performance against other similar organisations and provide our customers with many different ways to feedback to us. This helps us to improve our existing services and develop new ones. 

Charter Mark & Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) is an externally assessed award for excellent customer service. CSE replaces the Charter Mark award and was recently revised by the Cabinet Office. GGHT have been holders of the award for over 6 years.   

GGHT successfully completed a re-assessment for the Customer Service Excellence standard at the end of 2014. The assessor was very impressed with the evidence provided and the staff and customers he met. He said, “This is a very dynamic organisation and the tenants spoke very highly of GGHT”.  

The standard provides a framework to ensure excellence in customer service across the organisation and we will continue to improve and monitor our performance - ​view the 2011 ​CSE report here. Should you require any further information, please contact Fiona Graham.