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Mobile Device Accessibility

Due to compatibility issues with certain mobile devices we are unable to offer users the same level of accessibility options that we would if visiting our page on a desktop computer or laptop. If you would like to take advantage of all of our accessibility features​ please visit our site from your desktop computer or laptop.

There are a number of built in services on most mobile devices that can help site users. To help you we have put together some hints and tips on common accessibility features and applications, however the exact details will depend on your type of device. 


Different versions vary but accessibility include:
  • Talkback - speech output (May require download)
  • Voice search
  • Captions on/off
  • Magnification gestures - triple tap to zoom
  • Large text
  • Auto rotate screen
  • Speak passwords
  • Accessibility shortcut - accessed via the power button
  • Test-to-speech output

Apple (iOS)...

Accessibility settings for iOS7+ include:
  • Siri - voice search
  • Text size
  • VoiceOver - speech output 
  • Invert colours
  • Speak selection
  • Speak auto-text - automatically speaks auto-corrections and auto-capitalisations
  • Larger Type
  • Bold Text
  • Increase Contrast
  • Reduce Motion
  • Hearing Aid support
  • Subtitles and Captioning - customise and style your own subtitles
  • Mono Audio
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Adjust Volume between Right and Left Channels
  • Guided Access
  • Switch Control
  • Assistive Touch
  • Home-click Speed
  • Accessibility shortcut - map features to the Home Key


​Accessibility settings for Windows phone 7.1 and 8.1 include:
  • Speech if using version 7.1 or Cortana if using 8.1
  • Larger Text
  • Increase Contrast
  • Narrator -  Speech output 
  • Magnification gestures -  double tap to zoom
  • Zoom in on any web content


Accessibility settings for Blackberry OS 10:

  • ​Accessibility menu 
  • BlackBerry Screen Reader
  • BlackBerry Magnify
  • BBM ™ Video 
  • Voice Control