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Yes all our staff follow a customer care code of practice this includes;

  • Introduce themselves and show photographic proof of identification.
  • Explain the nature and purpose of the repair or replacement.
  • Conduct themselves in a proper and professional manner at all times, refrain from smoking and using bad language.
  • Take care of your property and possessions and protect them from dust, paint, etc.
  • Keep your home secure whilst working there.
  • Keep safe all materials and equipment used on site to avoid danger to you and your visitors.
  • Re-connect and test services such as gas, water and electricity at the end of each working day.
  • Clear any rubbish arising as a result of the repair on completion of the work.
  • Comply with Health and Safety legislation and relevant codes of practice.
  • Comply with Golden Gates Housing Trust Equalities & Diversity Policy.
  • Where major works are involved, we will notify you of the level of disturbance before the work commences.
  • Be polite and friendly
  • Treat your home with respect
  • Explain any follow up work​​

​Once you make an application to buy your home we will only carry out emergency repairs, should you decide not to proceed with the purchase once we have received written withdrawal of your application you will receive the full repairs and maintenance service to your home. Once you buy your home you are responsible for all repairs and improvements. ​

You can report a repair online. This is the quickest and easiest way to get things fixed.

Report your repairs online here.

​Emergency repairs should be reported by phone on 01925 452452. Examples of emergency repairs can be found here.

​In very cold weather keep your heating on low at all times this will prevent any damage caused by burst pipes. If you plan to go away even for a few days you could turn off the water at the stopcock and drain the system by turning on the taps and flushing the toilet.  Find out more on our winter page.​


If you are using a steamer to strip wallpaper the heat from the steam can sometimes crack and dislodge plaster-work. 

​So if you are re-decorating for a special occasion or Christmas you need to plan in advance an ensure that no repairs are needed. If you need repairs to plaster-work you need to report these in plenty of time to ensure we are able to complete the works.


​Leaseholders, like owner-occupiers, are responsible for repairs inside their property.  GGHT are responsible for any communal areas and the structure of the block including communal drains and roofs.  These jobs will be raised as a block repair.  A repair to a leasholder own door or windows should be logged to the property address.

When raising a repair for a leaseholder it is important that the leaseholder understands that the cost of all communal repairs will form part of their service charges.


​A rechargeable repair is something that is the tenants responsibility but they have requested GGHT to carry out the repair, for example:

  • Replacement lock or gain access when you have lost your keys or locked yourself out
  • Broken windows and doors, including the cost of boarding up
  • Blocked sinks or toilet due to neglect (nappies, toys)
  • Damage to fixtures and fittings that cannot be classed as wear and tear
  • Damage caused by neglect and not reporting repairs or by DIY
  • Replacing toilet seats or plugs and chains
  • The cleaning of mould due to condensation
  • Replacing light bulbs or fluorescent tubes
  • Damage caused by faulty household appliances.

We will always tell you if something is a rechargeable repair and you will have the option to pay for this up front over the telephone, this will not then incur an admin fee of £20.  

You also have the option to complete the repair yourself to a like for like standard, this can be done and then inspected by GGHT.​