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​With over 8,600 homes, Golden Gates Housing Trust  is the largest Registered Provider of Social Housing in Warrington.

We were established in November 2010 when we took over ownersh ip of homes from Warrington Borough Council.

We provide a range of services to our customers including repair and maintenance and estate management and are currently delivering a £105 million improvement programme to our homes.

We believe our role goes way beyond traditional bricks and mortar and we are committed to investing in our communities and providing the opportunities and support to help our tenants achieve their ambitions and improve their lives.

Whether it is help with finding a job, getting back into training or volunteering, managing your money or simply making your first move into independent living, our dedicated staff are there to lend a helping hand.​​

From the 1 April 2015 GGHT became part of the Torus Group.

About GGHT

​​Torus is governed by a common purpose board.  On 1 April 2015 GGHT and Helena Partnerships can together to form a new housing group called Torus. Day to day your landlord remains the same but being part of Torus allows us to make an even bigger difference to our customers, our neighbourhoods and the region as a whole. 

Torus is governed by a common purpose board where the same board members are members of the GGHT, Helena Partnerships and Torus boards. Click here to find out more information on the common purpose board members.

Find out more on our Board page.​

About GGHT

​​​​​No, we are not merging.  We are forming a 'Group Structure' whereby GGHT and Helena will continue with their local identities, providing local and trusted services to local people. They will be key parts of the new proposed group, to be known as Torus.  Find out more about the group structure here.​

About GGHT
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​​​​​​You can report ASB, domestic violence and hate crime in a number of ways.  In person at Bank Park House, using our online form or calling us on 01925 452452.  Find out more on our ASB page.​

Anti-social Behaviour

​​​There are a number of definitions of anti-social behaviour but essentially it is behaviour or actions by an individual or group which makes another person or group feel harassed, alarmed, threatened or distressed.​  Find out more on our ASB page.​

Anti-social Behaviour

Domestic abuse is all incidents of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, sexual, emotional or financial) between adults, including family members, no matter what their sex or sexuality.

If you are living in fear or experiencing any of the above from a partner, ex partner or family member this is domestic abuse.  If you feel you are suffering this type of abuse then speak to us we can help.  Find out more on our ASB page.​​

Anti-social Behaviour

We are a third party reporting centre, working in partnership with Cheshire Police. You can report incidents direct to us which will automatically be shared with Cheshire Police.  Hate crime is any offence committed against a person or property which is motivated by the offenders bias against:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity or nationality
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexuality
  • Gender or transgender
  • Disability
  • Health or mental health
  • Age.

Incidents classed as a hate crime are:

  • Verbal Abuse
  • Harassment or threats
  • Physical assault of any kind
  • Damage to home or property
  • Bullying
  • Graffiti and vandalism
  • Any other form of intimidation not listed above.​

Find out more on our ASB page.

Anti-social Behaviour
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​Housing Benefit is paid by WBC to help with rent if you are on a low income. It is currently being replaced by Universal Credit.​  Find out more on our Housing Benefit page.


Yes, we are working hard to support you through the changes, helping you to minimise the impact on your life. We can offer you help to cope with the changes and keep up to date with your rent, getting online and opening a bank account – both of which are essential for Universal Credit.

If you are affected we want to help you to deal with the challenges and make sure that you don't end up in debt.  Check out the Welfare Reform section and if you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact our dedicated Welfare Reforms support team by emailing​


​​Universal Credit is a new benefit for people of working age, designed to top up their income to a minimum level. Universal Credit will eventually replace certain benefits for people who are out of work and replace tax credits for people in work.

Universal Credit will replace these benefits:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
Go to the ‘Universal Credit’ page to find out more.​

​​The “Bedroom Tax” is the name given to Housing Benefit changes introduced on 1st April 2013 for social housing tenants, which mean that the amount of Housing Benefit you get might be reduced if, according to the government, you have more bedrooms than they think you need.

If you or your partner are Pension Credit age then you will not be affected by the Bedroom Tax. 

If you are affected it is worth checking to see if the rules have been applied correctly and what else, if anything, you can do.

Go to the ‘Bedroom Tax’ page to find out more.​

​​The government introduced rules in 2013 which limit the overall amount of welfare benefits a ‘working age’ household can receive. It does not affect you if you or your partner are Pension Credit age or over.

This mainly affects large families (4 or more children).

If you are affected it is worth checking to see if you can claim one of the benefits that will exclude you from the Cap.

Go to the ‘Benefit Cap’ page to find out more, and discover if there is anything else you can do if you are affected by the Cap.​​

​​​Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a new benefit to help people with some of the extra costs caused by long-term ill-health or disability, it is slowly replacing Disability Living Allowance.

An award of Personal Independence Payment can dramatically increase your income – so if you or your partner have an illness or disability contact an experienced adviser to see if it is worth making a claim.

Awards are based on how a person’s condition affects them, rather than the condition they have.

Personal Independence Payment can be paid to people regardless of whether they are in work or not working and regardless of their income or savings.

Personal Independence Payment will look at how someone’s disability affects their daily life by looking at how their disability / health condition affects their ability to complete certain everyday activities.

Go to the ‘Personal Independence Payment’ page to find out more and if you are currently on Disability Living Allowance how you might be affected by this change.​​

​​Non-dependants are normally classed as anyone living with you aged 18 or over.  Housing Benefit and Council Tax make the assumption that these adults will contribute towards household costs, including the rent.  They can therefore deduct a sum of money from your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support entitlement, and this is called a non-dependant deduction. 

These rules are complicated and the wrong deduction can sometimes be made – making a big difference to your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support award, and how much you have to pay towards our rent and council tax.

Go to the 'Non-dependant' page to find out more and check that the right non-dependant deduction is being taken.​​


​​Every year the government gives local councils a pot of money to make Discretionary Housing Payments to help people who qualify for Housing Benefit (or the housing costs element of Universal Credit) who are having trouble:

paying their rent, or

Finding enough money to pay for the start-up costs of a tenancy, such as rent deposits and removal costs.

Go to the ‘Discretionary Housing Payment’ page to find out more.​


​​Council Tax Support replaced Council Tax Benefit in April 2013. One of the main differences between the new and old system is that it’s now up to individual councils to decide who gets a reduction in their council tax bill. 

Council Tax Support helps people on low incomes and/or certain welfare benefits to pay their council tax bill. If you think you may be entitled you’ll need to apply to your local council for a reduction.

Go to the ‘Council Tax’ page to find out more.​

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​We are working with the Warrington Partnership, Helena Partnerships on the 'Delivering Wellbeing in Bewsey and Dallam' project  which is looking to revitalise the area. 

The vision for Bewsey and Dallam is to transform the area and the services available there, to deliver sustainable change for residents. We want to build stronger, more resilient and more active communities. Find out more on the project page.​


​The Latch Ford Big Local is an exciting opportunity for local residents in the Latchford East area to make a massive and lasting positive difference to their community.   They have £1million of Lottery funding to spend on the area it's about bringing together all the local talent, ambitions, skills and energy from individuals, groups and organisations who want to make Latchford East an even better place to live.  Find out more on the project page.​


​Yes, we work with a number of organisations to put on a range for regular and one off activities for children and young people.

Keep updated by following us on Facebook and Twitter, checking out the website contacting our Regeneration Team​.

You can also check out the Engage Warrington page, which contains information on our regular weekly activities with the Wolves Foundation.

We also have YVoW - The Young Voices of Warrington, our Youth Panel, who get involved in lots of community projects and events, find out more about YVoW here​.​


​The Residents Associations we support are listed here.  For more information contact our Regeneration Team​.


​Yes, you can keep updated in a number of ways; like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, checking out the website and complete the Register for Updates form​.


​​Yes, we offer a number of opportunities for individuals, resident and community groups, charitable organisations and social enterprises working in and around areas where GGHT has homes ​to apply for funding from GGHT.​  

Find out more on our funding page.​
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​​​You can contact us in a variety of ways; email, phone, via social media (Twitter/Facebook), in person.  Find out more here.​

Contacting Us
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​​​After the closing date, all application forms are assessed to see how your skills, qualifications and experience relate to the vacancy. Those who best match the criteria will be selected for the next stage of the process and invited to attend an interview.​


​​Yes, using our online application process you can create an applicant profile and complete two-thirds of the application process before saving it. 

You ll be able to specify what type of roles you re interested in, and then if such roles come up you ll be automatically contacted and asked to complete the remaining portion of the application form aswell as update any details you ve already submitted.​

​Apprenticeships are an excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience. They combine practical work experience with on and off the job training leading to a nationally recognised qualification.  Find out more on our Apprentice FAQ page.​



Applying online via this website allows you to complete you application in stages by clicking the save button. Once you have completed your application form online please click submit.


You can email your application form to us at


Postal applications should be sent to: HR team, Golden Gates Housing Trust, PO Box 1181, Warrington, WA1 9FB

By hand

You can deliver your application by hand to Bank Park House​ please make sure your envelope is clearly marked HR team. ​


​The application form is available via this site, alternatively email and our team can send you an electronic copy of the application pack in Microsoft Word format.

You may request an application pack in writing to HR team, Golden Gates Housing Trust, PO Box 1181, Warrington, WA1 9FB. or please leave a message on the automated recruitment line 01925 452666. Wherever possible our team will ensure that you will receive the application pack in your preferred format.​


​Unfortunately not. We ask all candidates to complete an application form for our roles so that we have the same information and focus on the required competencies.


​All applications will be acknowledged by GGHT. We will be contacting all short listed applicants by email and/or phone to arrange the next stage of the selection process. If you do not proceed to the next stage of the selection process we are sorry that, due to the expected volume of applications, we cannot give specific feedback on your application at this stage.


​No. All application forms must be received by no later than 23:59 on the specified closing date. Applications received after this time will not be accepted.


​​Yes. You will need to complete a number of pre-employment checks after you have been offered a post and before you actually start. These checks include:

  • Criminal Records Bureau check
  • Eligibility of right to work in UK check
  • Education / qualifications check​

​Yes, most jobs with GGHT can be applied for on a job share basis. If they are not, they will be made exempt at the point of advertising. If you wish to apply for a job on a shared basis, please indicate this during the recruitment process. An assessment will be made based on the operational needs of the service and the hours you have requested to work. GGHT will consider positively and carefully all requests to work on a job share basis.


​Yes, you can request that your application is considered on a flexible working basis and GGHT will carefully and positively consider your request. All requests made will be considered according to the needs of the business and where feasible, requests will be granted.


​Yes, we have a dedicated Employment Team who are here to help support tenants of GGHT tenants and members of their household who are looking for employment, training or volunteering opportunities.  The scheme is called 'Positive Change', find out more and about how you can join here.​​

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We have a planned program to replace central heating systems, when yours is due to be replaced we will contact you to arrange fitting date. However if your boiler breaks down and is beyond repair we will replace your system earlier.​

​There are a number of factors that influence if we are able to fit solar panels to a property.  Just some of these are:

  • To gain the maximum benefit from Solar PV it is advisable that the property has a south or variation of a south orientation as this is the position in which it will get the most expose to the Suns rays. 
  • We have to apply to the district network operator (the energy supplier eg Eon, British Gas) who tell us where and what size system we can fit (as they own the electricity networks) which can limit where we are able to install panels.   
  • We have to ensure your roof is suitable for solar panels.​

These elements and a number of others combine to decide if we can or cannot fit Solar panels on a property.​​


​We use a choice based letting scheme called CHOOSEaHOME. You need to register on to apply for a property.  Find out more on our CHOOSEaHOME page.​


​You can register on-line at, if you have not got a computer then click here to find out where you can access computers in Warrington​.  We need a National Insurance number from everyone who applies for housing. We may also request references from other landlords or agencies or the regiment you have just left.  ​


​​​We advertise all homes for letting every Thursday on the CHOOSEaHOME website​ (if you are registered).  We also advertise for other Housing Associations in the borough of Warrington.

We also have a number of properties that are immediately available, find out more about properties available now here​​.  The details of each home will show who can bid for them. ​


​​​If you want to express an interest in (bid) one of our available homes, this is called bidding. You can bid online at

​If you prefer, you can ask someone else to bid for you. There is more information on how to bid on​

If you are an assisted applicant please contact 01925 452452.

​When bids have closed, we will check that the person with the highest priority has provided all the correct information on their application.  We will phone you to make an offer.​


We will invite you to view the property with a member of staff. Viewing will be done when the property is ready to let. You will be required to pay one weeks gross rent in advance, in addition to your water charges.  

The best way to pay your rent and other charges is by Direct D​ebit​.


You will be required to pay one weeks gross rent in advance, in addition to your water charges.  

The best way to pay your rent and other charges is by Direct D​ebit​.


​Yes, this is called a Mutual Exchange.  This is where two or more tenants agree to swap homes. It is not a move into an empty property. All our assured tenants have a right to exchange as long as all organisations approve.

GGHT use the national HomeSwapper scheme. Membership is free for GGHT tenants. HomeSwapper automatically matches every advertised property against your requirements and will alert you by email or text message when a potential swap is found. The quickest way to register is by visiting​​


​​We do not discourage pet ownership where facilities exist for their proper care. However controls are necessary to prevent irresponsible pet ownership, which can cause suffering to animals and nuisance to neighbours.

You will need to get a permission for a pet (we do not expect you to apply for permission to keep a guide dog/assistance dog or small caged animal/ small bird/ tanked fish).

You will need to fill in a permission form which is situated in the back of the ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ booklet.  The permission form will want information like what pet you would like to keep and if you have any pets already. We will inform you in writing if your request has been approved.  Find out more about pets and permissions here.​


​There are lots of factors involved in buying your home, find out all the details on our Buying Your Home page.​


​Not at the moment, we are carrying out a full review of garages.  The names that we currently have on the waiting list will need to be advised of the review and that no allocations will be made until this review has been completed.​


​​If you think there is a gas leak in your home (or nearby) contact the National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999. In the meantime:

  • DO NOT turn any electrical switches or sockets on or off
  • DO NOT smoke or strike matches
  • DO turn off the gas at the meter
  • DO open the windows and doors to let the gas out
  • DO put out any naked flames
  • DO keep people aware of the affected area
  • DO get in touch with the National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999. ​

​​It is possible for a property to suffer from condensation, this is caused by moisture being carried by warm air and eventually landing on a cool surface. 

Condensation occurs mainly during cold weather, whether it is raining or dry, it appears on cold surfaces and in places where there is little movement of air.  Find out more on our condensation page.


​Ensure you have enough ventilation in your home;

  • Never cover airbricks or vents.
  • Never seal up unused fireplaces without putting in some ventilation.
  • Always keep the trickle vents open in modern double glazed units.​​

​​We service all our properties gas heating systems annually to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. You can't see, taste or smell carbon monoxide and it can kill in a matter of hours. 

Early symptoms include feeling tired or drowsy, headaches and pains in the chest or stomach you are most vulnerable when you are asleep. The risks are very low as long as your gas heating system are serviced annually you should always take the following precautions.  

Find out more about the gas safety check and Carbon Monoxide here.

​​It is important to remember to take precautions and care when using electricity and electrical appliances in your home;

  • Do not touch electrical items or sockets with wet hands always have equipment checked if they come into contact with water before using them.
  • If you suffer a power failure whilst using an electrical appliance re-set the meter by flicking the on/off switch to the On position your power should be restored. Then test each appliance individually by turning them on if your power fails whilst doing this you have a faulty appliance and need to have it repaired or replaced.
  • If you have a pre-paid meter and have a power failure check and ensure that there is credit on the meter.
  • If your lights flicker, appliances over heat or you have regular power failures and do not have any faulty appliances contact GGDirect.
  • Make sure that wires and cables have not become frayed or damaged and that there are no loose or bare wires.​​

​Leaseholders are people who have bought the right to live in a GGHT flat for a maximum of 125 years. Leaseholders do not pay rent but are sent an annual service charge bill. This is broken down into the following:

  • Buildings Insurance
  • Services
  • Management costs
  • Repairs/improvements

The cost of any major works are also included in the annual service charge calculations

Please note that some  services provided will not effect all leaseholders blocks nor is it limited to those items.  Details will always be provided with a breakdown.​


​​If the flat was purchased after 18 January 2005, the lease requires leaseholders offer the flat first to GGHT or to another social landlord in the area at full market value.  This offer must be made in writing giving reasons why GGHT should accept their application and the valuation.  Both parties must agree to the market value.  If the written offer is not accepted within eight weeks, the leaseholder is free to sell the property on the open market.  This is called Right to First Refusal.

If you purchased your flat before 18 January 2005 and wish to offer it to GGHT.   You must notify the Leasehold Manager​ the details.  All requests are dealt with  on an individual basis taking into account all personal circumstances.​​


​​Leaseholders have the right to improve their home; however for some improvements they will need written permission from GGHT. GGHT will not refuse permission unless there is valid reason.

Leaseholders must not do anything, which is likely to damage the structure of the building or cause damage to shared services (such as plumbing to the roof tank, doorframes, walls, windows, electricity, gas supplies, or sewerage).

GGHT  do not need to know about minor work such as decorating. 

Some works may require planning permission and building regulations approval before starting any works the leaseholder should check this out with the local authority.​​

  • ​​Any addition or change to the structure
  • Aerials or satellite dishes
  • Outside decoration (the type of paint may need approving so that it is compatible with future paints that GGHT may use).
  • The outside window frames (not glass) belong to the landlord. They must not be replaced unless GGHT have given permission in writing.  

Leaseholders must always consult their lease before making any alterations to their property.​​


​Leaseholder must notify GGHT in writing​ of the changes they wish to make, detailing exactly what they want to do and include any drawings or plans.  If the changes relate to windows they can obtain a form by contacting the Leasehold Manager.

A building surveyor may need to visit the property to see what the leaseholder intends to do, before a decision can be made.  (There may be a charge for this visit).

GGHT will give an answer within seven days of receiving the request or one month if additional information is required. If permission is refuse GGHT will advise the leaseholder. They may then have the right to appeal.

If GGHT refuses permission it will be for a good reason.   Therefore if the leaseholder goes ahead with work after we have refused permission they will be breaking the terms of the lease. 

The permission GGHT gives to go ahead is not the same as planning permission. The leaseholder is responsible for getting any necessary planning permission or building regulations approval. GGHT will normally make it a condition that this is done before  it  gives permission for the works to be carried out.

If the leaseholder does something without permission, GGHT have the right to put things back as they were and may recover the costs from the leaseholder.

If the leaseholder, or someone the leaseholder has employed, are carrying out repairs inside the flat, the leaseholder must make sure that no damage is done to shared services or to the structure of the block. The leaseholder will be liable for any damage caused to the landlord's property and may have to pay to have it put right. 

The leaseholder must not do repairs on landings, stairways and other shared areas. The leaseholder would not be covered by our insurance if you had an accident or caused damage. If the leaseholder, members of their household or their visitors cause damage to shared areas the leaseholder will have to pay for the repairs.​


​Yes, this is called a rechargeable repair.  This is something that is the tenants responsibility but they have requested GGHT to carry out the repair, for example:

  • Replacement lock or gain access when you have lost your keys or locked yourself out
  • Broken windows and doors, including the cost of boarding up
  • Blocked sinks or toilet due to neglect (nappies, toys)
  • Damage to fixtures and fittings that cannot be classed as wear and tear
  • Damage caused by neglect and not reporting repairs or by DIY
  • Replacing toilet seats or plugs and chains
  • The cleaning of mould due to condensation
  • Replacing light bulbs or fluorescent tubes
  • Damage caused by faulty household appliances.

We will always tell you if something is a rechargeable repair and you will have the option to pay for this up front over the telephone, this will not then incur an admin fee of £20.  

You also have the option to complete the repair yourself to a like for like standard, this can be done and then inspected by GGHT.​​


​Golden Gates Housing Trust has a planned program of bathroom replacements.  If it is highlighted that your bathroom is due to be renewed as it has reached the end of its life expectancy Golden Gates Housing Trust will contact you to arrange replacement.  However we do also occasionally replace reactively these are assessed on a case by case basis.​


​​Golden Gates Housing Trust has a planned program of kitchen replacements.  If it is highlighted that your kitchen is due to be renewed as it has reached the end of its life expectancy Golden Gates Housing Trust will contact you to arrange replacement.  However we do also occasionally replace reactively these are assessed on a case by case basis.​


​​By December 2014 Golden Gates Housing Trust completed the main programme of installation for windows and doors. The only properties that will not have had new ‘A’ rated windows and composite doors installed are properties that have been a no access or refusal. If your property has not had new windows or doors installed please contact us to make arrangements to have them installed. Please note that new composite doors are only installed when the property does not have an existing composite door i.e. a timber door.​


​If you are thinking of leaving your tenancy, as outlined in your tenancy agreement you will need to give us 4 weeks notice, preferably in writing. If you just bring your keys in without giving us any notice you will still have to give us the full 4 weeks notice and will be liable for rent for this period, so please ensure you plan ahead.

All notice periods run from Monday to Monday. This means that if you give notice on a Monday your tenancy will end in exactly 4 weeks time on Monday. If you give notice on any other day of the week, we will start to count the 4 weeks from the following Monday.​

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​Yes, we have dedicated Money Advice Team who will help you with:

  • Advice and information about a wide range of benefits
  • Assist you with understanding Benefit Changes (Welfare reforms)
  • Carry out a benefit check to make sure you are claiming your full entitlement
  • Help you with filling in forms
  • Guide you through the m complex rules and regulations associated with claiming benefits
  • Help you adjust when things change that could affect your income
  • Help you manage your money and budget more efficiently
  • Prioritise your debts
Find out more on our Money Matters section.

We are committed to energy efficiency and helping our tenants reduces the impact of rising energy prices.  Fuel Poverty is on the increase across the country and we believe it is critical that we support our tenants during this time. 

It is also highly important that we raise awareness of how carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions impact the environment and what we can do to help.  

GGHT has teamed up with Citrus Energy – a social enterprise, which has been set up to offer tenants tailored advice and practical help on ways to save energy and lower fuel bills.  Including:
  • Energy switching or getting a better deal from your current supplier (paying less for your Gas and Electricity).
  • Help and Support to understand your bills and energy usage.
  • Hints and Tips on how to become more energy efficient.
  • Save money on your water bills with a water meter….and much more!

For assistance with finding a cheaper supplier, switching and help with fuel debts please contact Citrus Energy on 0800 221 8089 and state you are a GGHT customer.  Find out more on our Energy Efficiency section.

​​There are various options available if you need to borrow money, but the cost of these services varies significantly depending on which option you choose.  It is very important that you understand the cost of borrowing and choose the option that is right for you.  Check out our Borrowing Money Safely page​, to find out about; Credit Unions and other options.

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​​Just make sure that you keep us up to date with your current email address.  


​​Visit our media page.
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There are lots of ways you can pay your rent, choose the most convenient way for you from:

  • Direct Debit
  • Online Payments
  • Telephone Payments
  • Smartphone App
  • Standing Order
  • By Post
  • In Your Local Shop
  • Phone

Find out more on the ways to pay your rent page​.​​


​You may be able to get help towards paying your rent by claiming Housing Benefit. Housing Benefit gives help towards housing costs for people on a low income or those who receive Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance.  For more information, please contact us. Also, please see our Welfare Reform pages​ for information about changes to how housing costs are paid.

​​​You can check your rent account on-line​, and this will show details of all credits and debits on your rent account including insurance premiums, water charges and community alarm charges if applicable.

Or calling 01925 452452 and using our automated service.​

You can also check your rent account balance by contacting us​​. 

​If you are in financial difficulties please contact us immediately. We can offer help, advice and practical support. We can also refer you to our Money Advice Team who will be able to help maximise your income click here for the Money Advice web page​.

If you do not pay your rent, you could lose your home.​


Initially we will write to you to inform you that your account is in arrears, we will invite you to contact us to discuss ways to pay. If you do not contact us, your Neighbourhood Officer will call to discuss your arrears.

You will also be offered an appointment with our Money Advice Team, who will be able to advise you on maximising your income as well as help you budget your money appropriately.

If we are unable to contact you by personal visit or telephone we will send you a letter to advise you that we will begin court proceedings unless you contact us.​​


​​A Notice Seeking Possession is a legal notice stating that we intend to take you to court for non-payment of rent and obtain a County Court Order giving us possession of your home. You will be informed of the Court hearing date so you can attend. If you receive a Court date and are unsure of what to do you can contact us for advice and assistance. ​

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Yes all our staff follow a customer care code of practice this includes;

  • Introduce themselves and show photographic proof of identification.
  • Explain the nature and purpose of the repair or replacement.
  • Conduct themselves in a proper and professional manner at all times, refrain from smoking and using bad language.
  • Take care of your property and possessions and protect them from dust, paint, etc.
  • Keep your home secure whilst working there.
  • Keep safe all materials and equipment used on site to avoid danger to you and your visitors.
  • Re-connect and test services such as gas, water and electricity at the end of each working day.
  • Clear any rubbish arising as a result of the repair on completion of the work.
  • Comply with Health and Safety legislation and relevant codes of practice.
  • Comply with Golden Gates Housing Trust Equalities & Diversity Policy.
  • Where major works are involved, we will notify you of the level of disturbance before the work commences.
  • Be polite and friendly
  • Treat your home with respect
  • Explain any follow up work​​

​Once you make an application to buy your home we will only carry out emergency repairs, should you decide not to proceed with the purchase once we have received written withdrawal of your application you will receive the full repairs and maintenance service to your home. Once you buy your home you are responsible for all repairs and improvements. ​

You can report a repair online. This is the quickest and easiest way to get things fixed.

Report your repairs online here.

​Emergency repairs should be reported by phone on 01925 452452. Examples of emergency repairs can be found here.

​In very cold weather keep your heating on low at all times this will prevent any damage caused by burst pipes. If you plan to go away even for a few days you could turn off the water at the stopcock and drain the system by turning on the taps and flushing the toilet.  Find out more on our winter page.​


If you are using a steamer to strip wallpaper the heat from the steam can sometimes crack and dislodge plaster-work. 

​So if you are re-decorating for a special occasion or Christmas you need to plan in advance an ensure that no repairs are needed. If you need repairs to plaster-work you need to report these in plenty of time to ensure we are able to complete the works.


​Leaseholders, like owner-occupiers, are responsible for repairs inside their property.  GGHT are responsible for any communal areas and the structure of the block including communal drains and roofs.  These jobs will be raised as a block repair.  A repair to a leasholder own door or windows should be logged to the property address.

When raising a repair for a leaseholder it is important that the leaseholder understands that the cost of all communal repairs will form part of their service charges.


​A rechargeable repair is something that is the tenants responsibility but they have requested GGHT to carry out the repair, for example:

  • Replacement lock or gain access when you have lost your keys or locked yourself out
  • Broken windows and doors, including the cost of boarding up
  • Blocked sinks or toilet due to neglect (nappies, toys)
  • Damage to fixtures and fittings that cannot be classed as wear and tear
  • Damage caused by neglect and not reporting repairs or by DIY
  • Replacing toilet seats or plugs and chains
  • The cleaning of mould due to condensation
  • Replacing light bulbs or fluorescent tubes
  • Damage caused by faulty household appliances.

We will always tell you if something is a rechargeable repair and you will have the option to pay for this up front over the telephone, this will not then incur an admin fee of £20.  

You also have the option to complete the repair yourself to a like for like standard, this can be done and then inspected by GGHT.​
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​We have 14 Neighbourhood Officers each with their own area, check out who covers your area here.​

We have 14 neighbourhood patches, each with its own Neighbourhood Officer managing approximately 620 GGHT homes. The team offer a broad range of services for tenants going beyond the role of a conventional Housing Officer, and deal with:
  • Issues from Anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • Untidy gardens, land issues & trees
  • Liaising with Tenants in regards the improvement works on homes
  • Offering support to those affected by the benefit changes, in particular Universal Credit
  • Property viewing and new tenant sign ups
  • Dealing with tenancy and estate management

​​You can request a bulky waste collection from WBC, find out more on the Fly Tipping and Rubbish Removal page.​

As soon as you have received the keys to your home, it is important that you register with a gas supplier. 

You can find out who the current suppliers are by contacting the following:
  • For gas ring National Grid on 0870 6081524
  • For electricity ring NPAS on 0845 270 9101

As soon as you have registered with a gas & electric supplier phone us on 01925 452452 to arrange for a gas safety check. 

We will send you an appointment letter about your annual Gas Safety Check appointment two weeks before it's due to take place.

If the appointment is not suitable then you can contact us on 01925 452452 to re-arrange

If you allow access at the first appointment your details will be automatically placed into our quarterly prize draw where you could win £100 of Love to Shop Vouchers. 

It is very important for you to give us access at this first appointment to ensure your yearly gas safety check does not become overdue.

As a customer, it is important you let us carry out this work and failure to do so will put you in breach of your tenancy agreement. When necessary GGHT will take action through the courts to gain access to a property and in all cases to date this has resulted in customers being ordered to pay our costs, which is usually £700.

If you do not allow access the following actions will be taken:

  • We will start legal action by applying to the court for an 'injunction for access.
  • We will refuse to carry out any repairs or improvements (other than emergency repairs) to your home.
  • We may refuse to allow you to go onto the waiting list for a transfer.
  • The court may award us possession of your home, for breaking your tenancy agreement.

The court may grant an injunction, which could lead to you going to prison or facing a large court fine if breached.

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​You may be considered intentionally homeless as a result of being evicted. However, this depends on your personal circumstances. 

The Homeless section may be able to offer temporary housing. If a Possession Order is granted we will automatically inform the WBC Homeless section, who may be able to offer you help and advice.

Find out more about homelessness here.

​If you are homeless or are about to become homeless, the council's housingplus service can offer advice and help in finding alternative accommodation.​   Find out more here.​


​There are lots of FREE computer access and basic IT courses in Warrington, find out more in our Get Online section.​


​Carecall is a community alarm is a system of calling for help at the touch of a button. It's usually either a special telephone, or special unit which sits alongside your own telephone or an emergency pull cord system. They are installed for a variety of reasons, often to help people to continue to live independently but also to help and support people in vulnerable situations.  Find out more on the Carecall page.​

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​​We offer a wide range of ways you can be involved and give your views at a level that suits you, including; customer panels, conferences and much more.  Find out more about how you can get involved here.​​

Your Views

​To make a compliment you can contact us in a variety of ways:

Your Views

​We really do value our customer's opinions and suggestions. We want you to be satisfied with our services and we would like you to tell us if we are succeeding or if there are areas in which we can improve.  To make a complaint you can contact us in a variety of ways:

Your Views

​Complaints from Leaseholders should be dealt with in the same way as Complaints from any of our customers following the GGHT Complaints Procedure.​  Find out more about making a complaint here.

Your Views

​If a leaseholder complains about the behaviour of a tenant, GGHT will investigate the complaint following its normal investigation procedures.  If the complaint is justified action will be taken in accordance with legislation and GGHT's policy.  It should be noted that some leases may require the leaseholder to take action themselves or to fund any action the landlord takes on behalf of the leaseholder.  ​

Your Views

If a tenant makes a complaint about the behaviour of a leaseholder, GGHT will investigate the complaint to ascertain if there has been a breach of the lease.  If there has been a irredeemable breach (can not be resolved by active discussion or mediation) then further action may be taken and the leaseholder may be liable for costs.

If GGHT become aware of situations where a leaseholder or a member of their household may be at risk from another member of their household or themselves, GGHT will refer the matter to the appropriate agency for example Social Service, the Police or Warrington Borough Council etc.​​

Your Views