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Accessibility Statement

We want to ensure that all our customers have equal access to the information we provide.  This site contains many features to help users with disabilities navigate easily. This website is designed for maximum accessibility, using the ‘Web Accessibility Initiative’ guidelines set out by the W3C organisation.

If you have any trouble using our website, we want to help.  We take web accessibility seriously and your feedback is important to us.  If you discover a part of our website hard to use, then email to let us know.

Reporting a Repair Online
Whilst the GGHT website strives to adhere to the accepted guidelines and standards for accessibility and usability, it is not always possible to do so in all areas of the website.  We are aware that the new ‘reporting a repair online’ service does not work with selected accessibility tools.  We are working hard to fix this.
You can report repairs in a number of ways, including; calling 01925 452452 or emailing  We appreciate your patience.

Font Sizing

To change the font size click the logo in the top right hand corner of the screen which has the size you need displayed: 

Colour Schemes

Your current colour scheme is black on blue. To change the colour scheme click on the logo in the top right had corner of the screen.  You can choose from:
Yellow on Black


BrowseAloud makes websites accessible to those who require online reading support, which is 20% of the UK population. It works by reading web pages aloud in a human-sounding voice. The user simply hovers their mouse pointer over the text to hear it read aloud.  It is good for:
  • Anyone with low literacy skills or Dyslexia
  • People who don't have English as a first language
  • Those with some visual impairment
  • Anyone who would prefer to listen to text rather than read it

Translate Into Another Launguage Using BrowseAloud

Your current language is English.  You can use the BrowseAloud tool at the top of the page to change the language to your preferred choice.

British Sign Language

To be taken to our British Sign Language webpage, click the icon like the one below in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Is Your Browser up To Date?

In the interest of having the best web experience possible, we suggest ensuring that your browser is up to date. We recommend using Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera. These browsers will update themselves so you needn’t worry about having to continuously download upgrades, and there are many plugins and enhancements available for all of them. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can download the latest version from Microsoft.

Using the Tab Key to jump between links

You can use the tab key on your keyboard to jump from one link to the next. All navigation bars in the site provide a logical order for this.

Navigation Aids

Top level navigation is visible at all times.
A breadcrumb link is available at the top each page to assist in navigation.
The homepage and all internal pages include a search box.

Mobile Devices

This site has been produced to enable it to be viewed on mobile devices such as the Smartphones, Tablet PCs and other mobile devices with web access.

Due to compatibility issues with certain mobile devices we are unable to offer users the same level of accessibility options that we would if visiting our page on a desktop computer or laptop. There are a number of built in services on most mobile devices that can help site users, find out more on our Mobile Device Accessibility​ Page.


All content images used in the home page and elsewhere include descriptive ALT attributes.
Purely decorative graphics include null ALT attributes.

Still Having Difficulty Seeing Your Screen?

If you are having difficulty seeing your screen in general, you should consider changing your screen resolution settings. Please check your Operating System and click on the relevant link below (link will open in a new tab).
If you are blind, please consider using JAWS.