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Wednesday 17/09/2014



Looking for a property in Warrington? Check out these properties GGHT has Available Now!

  • No deposit required but you may need to pay some rent up front
  • Affordable rent
  • Quick & Reliable 24/7 free repairs service
  • Dedicated Employment, Money Advice, Customer Service & Neighourhood Teams

These properties are available now, which means we could arrange a viewing straight away. We are currently investing £30million in our properties, alot of the available now properties have benefitted from this investment!



Ajax Avenue, Longford - 1 bedroom ground floor flat Rent £78.08 inc water

Bewsey Park Close - 1 bedroom ground floor flat - Rent £81.02 inc water

Crowe Avenue, Longford-  1 bedroom first floor flat -  Rent £80.89 inc water and service

Darwen Gardens, Orford - 1 bedroom first floor flat - Rent £81.66 inc water - Aged 30+ only

Densham Avenue, Longford - 1 bedroom first floor flat-  Rent £81.62 inc water

Meeting Lane, Penketh - First floor bedsit - Rent £74.99 inc water:  2 WEEKS FREE RENT

Oldfield Road, Lymm - 2 bedroom first floor maisonette - Rent £105.32 inc water

Pear Tree Place, Latchford - 1 bedroom first floor flat - Rent £86.11 inc water

Sandy Lane, Orford - 1 bedroom ground floor flat - Rent £82.85 inc water & service

Sycamore Crescent, Rixton - 2 bedroom first floor flat - Rent £92.15 inc water

Trafford Avenue, Bewsey - 1 bedroom ground floor flat- Rent £78.98 inc water

Whitecross Road, Whitecross - 1 bedroom ground and first  floor flats - Rent £82.52 inc water

I am interested in the above properties, what do I do next?

I am already registered on CHOOSEaHOME...





I am already registered on CHOOSEaHOME but my application is cancelled...



  1. If you already have a registration number and have attended the pre-tenancy workshop (AND provided all requested documents, including any online updates), you can immediately state your interest in one of our available now properties. Please note - You must be eligible for the property type that you are interested in.  
  2. Send a direct email to the CHOOSEaHOME team at availablenow@gght.org.uk include your name, registration number and the property or properties that you are interested in. You will NOT receive a reply and will only be contacted IF you are successful. Please make sure that your telephone number is up to date on your application.

    If you already have a registration number but your application is cancelled you may have received a text from us. To re activate your application please send an email entitled "re activate" to availablenow@gght.org.uk including your registration number, name, date of birth and National Insurance number. We will then re activate your application and email you to request that you update all of your details.

I am not registered on CHOOSEaHOME...    






  1. Before you state your interest in an available now property, you must first register on CHOOSEaHOME.
  2. Once you have registered and have your registration number, return to this page www.gght.org.uk/available and contact our CHOOSEaHOME team.  Send a direct email to the team at availablenow@gght.org.uk . You can also visit Bank Park House in the town centre.
  3. A member of the team will contact you to arrange for you to attend our useful & friendly Pre-tenancy Workshop (mandatory for all CHOOSEaHOME applicants).  You must attend the workshop within the next 5 working days.
  4. At the workshop the staff will assist with any queries you may have about the properties.They have a list of what properties are available now and a viewing could be arranged for the same day (if you have provided all requested documents, including any online updates) .

Keep checking this page on a regular basis to see what properties are available now.  You can view ALL available properties



Types of *properties we have available...

1 Bedroom Bungalow, Orford1 bed flat, Bewsey1 bed flat, Orford2 bedroom flat, Latchford
Bungalow, OrfordFlat, Bewsey1 bedroom flat, Orford(secure entry system, solar panels, gas central heating)Flats, Latchford
2 bed flat, Orford1 bedroom bungalow, Padgate peninsula house 
Flat, OrfordBungalow, Padgate Peninsula House 1 & 2 bedroom flats
(secure entry system with viewing screen, spacious, gas central heating, digital TV/radio aerial)

 Flats, Grasmere (secure entry system, gas central heating, new double glazing & doors, digital TV/radio aerial)

 flat house  
 Flats, Longford (gas central heating) 4 bedroom houses, Longford  

*pictures may not represent actual properties, just property type.


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